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President Donald Trump's Refugee Executive Order is not a "Muslim Ban"

Updated on January 31, 2017
Chuck Schumer shedding some tears over visa restrictions. I'm sure they weren't forced at all...
Chuck Schumer shedding some tears over visa restrictions. I'm sure they weren't forced at all... | Source

First, regardless of political outlook, take a moment to further educate yourself on the issues and know the facts by reading the actual executive order in its entirety. Discover for yourself what is truly going on in your government and not just the distorted regurgitation of the shameless talking heads that comprise the media distributors. I have even provided it for you here: Executive Order: Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States

Following a repeated re-reading, I even searched the words, "Muslim," "Islam," and "religion," just to ensure that I did not miss anything, with quite the interesting results considering what the majority of the press and their peons would have you believe. Now with that said, I am not here to rehash or provide a line-by-line summary of the entire executive order (the reason I included the link to the page on the White House's website), but rather discredit this inaccurate labeling by people, who truth be damned, care more about inflicting damage to the newly elected President, as opposed to presenting the facts.

After seeing several prominent outlets and media organizations put forth such falsities, along with those eager to fall on the liberal sword, this is one I felt obligated to set the record straight on. First and foremost, the obvious, Trump's executive order is not a "Muslim ban," and the continued rhetoric, along with the insistence of one is nothing more than partisan nonsense and the spread of misinformation.

Trump's executive order in actuality is a 90-day temporary block on any new visas coming from countries that have been rightfully deemed as hotbeds for terrorist activities. In no way does it even reference Islam, Muslims, or any one specific faith. The use of the word religion is only included for condemning those that are discriminated against based on religious persecution and possible exceptions for such instances (Again, if you haven't, I encourage you to read the order for yourself here).

The careless tossing around of the phrase "Muslim ban," is not only irresponsible for those in the media, but only adds to the unhinged left's hysteria and the spread of misinformation. Still licking its wounds from the brutal defeat during the election, Democratic leadership continues to prove itself to be a purveyor of identity politics and division, through a campaign of disinformation.


Here are the factual figures that liberal ideologues, the corrupt establishment politicians desperately clinging to power, and the incredibly biased mainstream media that is trying to stay relevant, are blatantly ignoring:

  • Out of 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide, less than 200 million are affected by President Trump's executive order. This translates to eighty-seven percent of the global Muslim population not being inconvenienced whatsoever (numbers provided by the most updated Pew Research Report from 2015).
  • The terrorist prone countries facing the visa restrictions are: Iran (who just violated the UN sanctions yesterday, launching a ballistic missile), Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Syria.
  • The countries with the greatest Muslim populations that are in no way affected: Indonesia, India, and Pakistan, which together are roughly 552 million (the restricted countries don't even make up half of that number combined at approximately 201 million).

  • President Obama issued a near identical order (except exclusive to just one country for a six month period) limiting entry from Iraq in 2011 over what else, fears of terrorism. Funny how the media turned a blind eye to such a similar order (for a longer length of time no less...). Even worse is perhaps there was nothing wrong with Obama's restrictions, but the left and establishment are obviously pursuing any available means of covering President Trump in an unsavory light.

As you can see, the numbers clearly don't add up and coupling the visa restrictions with the notion of a discriminatory ban on Muslims is nothing more than politically motivated deviousness.

As far as rejecting Sharia Law is concerned, I think all Americans, westerners, freethinkers, and civilized peoples can come to a consensus that such a system is incompatible with the democracy and freedoms that we all hold so dear. The oppression of women as second-class citizens, murdering of homosexuals, violent persecution of anyone considered an infidel (Christians, Jews, atheists, and any not adhering to Islam), and the suppression of thought or ideas that contradict the Muslim faith among other, need to be rejected.

Where is the outcry from feminists or the LBGQT community, who would be stripped of rights or brutally killed under Sharia Law (being taught exclusively to Somalian refugees in some Minnesota schools)? Well the former is too busy marching and making a mess of our nation's capital in protest of President Trump (although none that were at the march could really provide me with a definitive reason or specific grievance when asked...). Ironically, both are equally represented and defined as protected in this executive order:

In addition, the United States should not admit those who engage in acts of bigotry or hatred (including "honor" killings, other forms of violence against women, or the persecution of those who practice religions different from their own) or those who would oppress Americans of any race, gender, or sexual orientation.

But now I am trying to understand the left using reason and common sense, so I digress...

Also worth noting in other news, yet in direct relation to this issue, President Trump subsequently relieved (fired) acting Attorney General Sally Yates on Monday, for not only refusing to enforce the order, but also actively spreading descent among Justice Department attorneys. A hold over from the Obama Administration, she was occupying the slot for incoming Trump appointee Jeff Sessions (when Democrats finally concede to the inevitable).


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