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President Eisenhower Farewell Address to American people

Updated on August 15, 2017

President Dwight D. Eisenhower, in his last speech to American people stated that America is among the most productive and influential country on a global sphere. He went on to explain that America's fundamental purpose was to maintain the world peace, fostering human development, improving integrity and liberty in the entire country as well as the world in general. He observed that progress towards achievement democracy had been hampered by constant social, political and more particular religious conflicts which was affecting the entire world and that these conflicts had obstructed the people’s attention to building the nation and the world.

In his speech, Eisenhower advocated that Americans in general were facing hostile ideology –global in scope, atheistic in character, ruthless in purpose, and insidious in method. The danger it poses and its implications do not have a stipulated time-frame. In order for these to be leveraged effectively, Americans must input the right type of emotions, not only the one that will enable them transition through the crisis but also the one that will propel them into moving forward. Further, they must also be ready for a sustained struggle to reclaim their liberty. He says that only by doing so shall the people of America enjoy freedom, irrespective of the obstacles on their charted goal of achieving human betterment and sustained peace.

He postulates that a strong military establishment would be very important in maintaining the peace. In this respect, there has to be state of the art armory, well preparedness of the army who are ready to face the enemy from all directions. The United States had been affected by global conflicts because it did not have an effective armory. This is why the nation should not risk having a weak national defense. The events surrounding these conflicts have compelled the nation to improvise its armament industry to a significant level. This is also the reason why the government have considering hiring more men and women in its military. Furthermore, the country’s funding on defense has been moved upwards.

In the council of the government, he advised that acquisition of unwanted external influence should be guarded at all costs, whether solicited or unsolicited by the military-industrial complex. There is a risk of misplaced power which is bound to affect the social structure of the nation. However, this combination should never be allowed to affect America’s democracy and liberty. Disarmament, with mutual honor and confidence, is continuing imperative. In unity, the will be able to learn how to compose differences, not with arms, but with intellect and decent purpose. War has been avoided. Steady progress toward the ultimate goal has been made, all of the citizens need to be strong in faith so that all nations under God, will reach the goal of peace with justice.

2. Do you find his Argument Convincing? Why or why not? Explain.

Indeed, I find President Dwight’s speech concerning liberty issues in America to be quite convincing. In his speech, he explains how American government is a free government, and its core purpose as the government was to keep peace and to foster progress in human achievement. Due to engulfing global conflict, the progress towards America’s noble goals is persistently threatened. It is also true that the global conflict has instilled a hostile ideology which is aesthetic, insidious, ruthless and affects not only the nation of America, but the world in large. From this discussion, it is apparent that Dwight was also envisioning the future though the events were also occurring at his time. The religious ideologies of groups such as ISIS, Taliban, Al-Qaida, Alshabaab, the Islamic Brotherhood and the likes have particularly causes a lot of conflict and thus given America, as the custodian world peace, restless times in leveraging their effects and risks around the globe. It is also true that the constant threats from terrorists on American soil jeopardize the freedom and liberty of the nation and thus there is a need to a forge a strong military to safeguard its security.


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