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President Obama Knew Hillary Clinton Was Committing Crimes

Updated on October 25, 2016

This Crime Goes All The Way To The Top

The FBI's Director James Comey had said that Hillary Clinton, did in fact, send and receive classified information on an unsecured server. This is a clear violation of the Federal Records Act and mishandling classified documents is a crime in itself that would surely disqualify anyone running for public office. For Hillary Clinton, this would be on top of lying to a congressional committee and federal investigators. The FBI's apparent cop out was that there was "no intent". If there was no intent, why should the Clinton campaign smash the devices with a hammer, or why have the servers in her home? As Secretary of State she should have been more than aware of basic operational security behaviors that all federal employees are required to follow.

Who's next in the FBI Directors chain of command? Her name is Loretta Lynch and she's the head of the Justice Department. Just days before James Comey released the FBI's statement to the public not only damning Hillary, but strangely vindicating her. Loretta Lynch met with Bill Clinton on an airplane on a secluded tarmac for almost an hour supposedly only talking about grand children and golf. Recap: Hillary Clinton's husband just so happened to meet Loretta Lynch, the supervisor of the FBI, right before the FBI's statements to the public. The government won't tell you when there is corruption, it is something that Americans have to uncover themselves and this information should be concerning to the public.

But Wait! There's More!

According to a recent Wikileaks email dump, President Obama was aware that Hillary Clinton was using unsecured servers to communicate with him. The email from Nick Merrill from the Clinton campaign said that the emails he received did not have "" on her email address. President Obama said to the media that he wasn't aware of her email scandals until he heard what happened on the news. However, this email would indicate otherwise and can prove to be damning for not only Hillary Clinton, but for him as well.

Now, because Barrack Obama tried to save Hillary Clinton, if there was any kind of indictment process, he would likely be one of the first people to take the stand in court to testify. The Democrats could't have this and the media couldn't report this either. So they colluded together to sweep this under the rug and the mainstream media refused to practice journalism looking for answers. It's safe to say that the leftist elites have failed the American people again and will do whatever it takes to stay in power.

The Democrats have a lot of power to protect themselves with so many people in their pocket along with the mainstream media. It's likely that as more Wikileaks emails come out, the shroud of mystery that surrounds the Democratic party will be unveiled as a large con to consolidate power and defend their power from anti-establishment leaders like Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. The DNC knew that Sanders was a threat to their power and according to other data dumps by Wikileaks, they pulled for Hillary Clinton behind the scenes.

Damning Email Showing President Obama Lied to America
Damning Email Showing President Obama Lied to America

America Must Come To Its Senses

As stated above, no government official involved in corruption is likely going to come and tell the world there is corruption. The American people will have to wake up and start asking questions. The larger the government is, the more likely corruption will occur. Under Obama's presidency, its gotten so large that it doubled the debt and keeps increasing as the minutes go by, threatening not only our economy, but also our national security. For the political class, it doesn't matter. They do what they have to do to get by, make money and have often times threw caution to the wind which is exactly what Hillary Clinton has done.

Part of the problem is that the American public is so dangerously unaware of what's happening. The media is to take the blame for journalism malpractice, however conservatives and other non-leftists need to find it within themselves to be more aggressive in their outreach to the American people about the dangers of a leftist government. This battle isn't over after the 2016 election, its over when Americans can enjoy true economic freedom and feel safe from the leftist policies that holds America back from her best interests.

Obama Lies To Americans


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