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President Obama Speech

Updated on September 5, 2009

President Obama Leadership

Hello everyone!

I have heard so many negative comments about President Obama's next televised speech to our children, in fact, I am tired of hearing people judging the president so severe.

I beleive that our president has the best of the intentions and he has real concerns about the future of this great nation. I also believe that we should support him and give him the opportunity to do his job.

It does not matter what he say or do, people are quick to judge and condenm him, what's the matter with this country? Did we already forgot how former president Bush left this country?

Did you ever heard of a president that cared enough for the future of our children to the point that, he made a special arregement to talk to the children of this great nation? Well, as far as I am concerned, president Obama is the first one to do so.

President's Decisions

 First was about the economy, whe he began with the idea of the stimulus package all that I heard was nothing would work and this president was creating even more debt four our future generations. But what about the current generation? Why can't we be helped now? And who can really know such a plan won't work? At least he is trying everything that he can to help the American people.

Secondly was about the health care reform, people are gethering together only to talk bad about it and to argument, but until now, I am yet to see a plauseable plan that was made and presented by the republicans. what about that, huh? The reality is that, millions of Americans are without health insurance and millions of those who have it, can afford deductibles and out of pocket payments because of the mafia that currently exist in this industry among doctors, hospitals and health plan corporations.

The third topic that I am prepared to hear complaints and criticism will be immigration reform. Even though a majority of the Americans favor such a reform, it will always have a group willing to attack and acuse the president for granting amnesty to those illegal immigrants.

I believe that we should give the opportunity and support to our president, people are resistent to changes and because of that, we have the tendency to close our minds.

I believe that no leader is perfect, but I also believe that we should not be quick to judge and by the way, I have great confidence that our president will do a great job in fixing the economy, health care and immigration problems, but it will take time to get it done right.

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