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President Obama Stabs Israel

Updated on December 23, 2016

As many suspected for years since President Obama took office eight years ago, Obama finally made one last jab against Israel in the United Nations. The resolution to condemn Israel for the settlements built on land claimed by the Palestinians as unlawful by the world leaders was allowed to pass when the USA did not veto the resolution (as they have so many times before). The U.S. chose to not vote at all, which shocked not only the United Nations' members, but Israel. It was long expected that Obama would stand side by side with Israel once again regarding the thorny settlement issue.

Many feel there can be no peace because the Israeli settlements being built in disputed areas are an obstacle to Palestinians, why? The territory is disputed, what will they give up if Israel does stop settlement building? Hamas still vows to destroy Israel and there is question about the Palestinian leaders and are they truly independent of Hamas in the Gaza area. There is great suspicion they are the same and allied.

Despite Obama's blatant dislike of Israel's government, the American U.N. representative gave a blistering condemnation of the United Nations citing the disunity over Aleppo, Syria, and how Russia and Iran turned it into rubble, yet, the U.N. was not able to condemn it. It was alluded to that the U.N. is a farce filled with political allegiances and self interest with little care for human suffering in other parts of the world. It was powerless in any resolution the body passes, and yet, when it came to Israel, most of its members gang up on Israel to pass lopsided resolutions to condemn it. The U.N. is a hypocritical organization in its approach to world issues.

In a sense, President Obama did show his true colors towards Israel, not that it would have mattered had the U.S. blocked the resolution as it has done before. Whether the settlements are legal or not, is moot. The real bottom line to the two state solution rests on the Palestinians. There have been many times peace could have arrived had they truly had a government that is devoid of Hamas influence, or, if Hamas could be controlled. But, the Palestinians are not willing to settle to share the area with the Jews. Until this premise is resolved, settlements or not, war and discord will continue.

It is clear that President Trump will reverse the Obama freeze with Israel. Trump has already said he will move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem and be a true friend to them. He has made it clear what side he is on, for better or worse.


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    • perrya profile imageAUTHOR


      22 months ago

      If Israel did not want peace, the issue would have been resoled years ago but the world put constraints on Israel. Palestine has always belonged to the Jews, if you believe the Bible. If you don't, then you think the Palestinians should have it. It is an age old debate. Hamas is always a thorn in all sides because they want to destroy it. We give money to them and Israel.

    • peoplepower73 profile image

      Mike Russo 

      22 months ago from Placentia California

      Hamas is just an excuse. Israel does not want peace. If they had peace, they would not be able to colonize Palestinian land. They have taken over Palestinian land and made1 refugees out of the Palestinians. Why do we give Israel over 30 billion dollars each year? So they can buy more arms to protect themselves against the Arabs? Why is that our responsibility? What does Israel do for us? Just think what we could do with an extra 30 billion each year.

    • emge profile image


      22 months ago from Abu Dhabi

      I agree, Obama is a wolf who has let the USA down and one can remember that his biggest contribution during 8 years is the rise and consolidation of the ISIS.


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