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President Obama and North Korea

Updated on January 7, 2013

North Korea

Is Obama keeping North Korea In the Dark?
Is Obama keeping North Korea In the Dark? | Source


Today it was stated that a senior executive of Google was accompanying Bill Richardson as part of a delegation to North Korea.

Even though it was stated that this executive was joining the delegation for personal reasons, the Obama Government have said that the Google executive’s visit was not helpful.

Excuse me, not helpful to whom and why?

North Korea

I am totally aware that the United States government considers North Korea to be a secretive, possibly brutal and unfriendly nation that is perhaps trying to obtain nuclear technology, opposed to most of the worlds concerns.

What though is the harm in this executive visiting there?

Yes, North Korea is secretive but then again, most countries wish they could keep more of their business secret from the eyes of other nations.

Yes, North Korea may be a ruthless and brutal regime but it is unlikely that they are any more so than the Saudi Arabian regime, which is a long time ally of the United States.

Yes, North Korea may be seeking nuclear technology but is this just a response to the United States placing tactical field nuclear weapons in South Korea. Let’s face it; most of the Middle East is seeking nuclear capabilities but how many would have been if it was not for the United States giving the nuclear capability to Israel?


One of the main points that the leaders tell us about North Korea is that they do not allow their people freedom of speech or access to the rest of the world, so where then, even if an executive of a large internet company wanted to do business with North Korea, is the harm? Isn’t it the lack of information to the people that is one of the concerns?

I know that the United States do not want companies to do business with North Korea but where is the harm if that business could help to ease some of the objections that the government has?

Isn’t it better for the World if differences of opinions can be resolved by talks and co-operation?

North Korea is mainly funded by China and currently, during this fiscal free fall, isn’t the United States trying to get back some money from China in order to reduce the enormous debt it owes to it?

When will President Obama and his government recognize that when a country is as isolated as North Korea, any breakthrough in talks, business, sports or co-operation could lead to more openness and consideration, therefore should be encouraged at all times. Not criticized and impeded.

If any deal was to be discussed and concluded between Google and North Korea, surely it would lead in the North Korean people to be better informed. Also any sign of co-operation between North Korea and the West is an improvement and finally, almost any way that causes extra Chinese currency to flow to the United States has got to be beneficial to the US.


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    • Amber Vyn profile image

      Amber Vyn 4 years ago

      This article makes some good points. I think North Korea gets singled out for human rights abuses, etc. just because of the sheer creepiness of the way the country operates. It's certainly not the only place in the world with starving people, political prisoners, and a kleptocratic leader.

      Voted 'up' and 'interesting'!