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President Obama and the ISIS Conundrum

Updated on September 11, 2014

Many think that. This reluctant President knows of the ISIS or ISIL problem, knows he greatly underestimated them and now is in a "saving face" mode, otherwise, he would be America's most pathetic president in foreign policy.

He is pretty damn close to it, but perhaps his saving grace will be his declaration of war on ISIS. His strategy is still developing, a work in progress, but the elements are there. While America left Iraq a few years, leaving no troops behind (another colossal error for Obama to allow it to happen), what is happening now is a slow return to it to save Iraq from itself. Vietnam began with only US advisers, which escalated into boots on the ground in combat troops. In Iraq, there will be 1500 advisers (aka special forces) helping target the ISIS targets for US bombs. This will allow for pinpoint targeting.

While Obama's plan may work, there are plenty of players on the American side who do a lot of talking yet fail to do the walking. They are playing both sides for their own selfish reasons or their secret hostility towards the USA. All this does is weaken the strategic plan. Already, three NATO members and friends are backstabbing Obama. Turkey, who controls the access points into Syria, refuses to take part in any of the plan. Why? Because they have an issue with the Kurds? Are they just playing a power trip? They will only provide humanitarian help. Then, adding salt to the wound, both German and England refuse to help out with the bombing missions against ISIS. Why? Both countries are prime targets for terrorists. Both countries are only providing weapons and non-military aid. Saudi Arabia is one of the worst double players in the whole plan. They are providing training in their country and $100 million to the UN to combat terrorism, yet, they also provide funds to ISIS and al-Qaeda. These funds are from rich groups from within SA and its government knows of them, yet turns a blind eye out of fear or approval. Both Qatar and Turkey tend to approve of al-Nusra and ISIS and supply money to them. In SA, Wahhabism rules foreign policy. This variant of Islam is fundamentally aligned with the Salafi jihadists who make up the ISIS! Their views are diametrically opposed by Shiites in Iran, Iraq, and Alawites in Syria. The Saudis hated Obama when he allowed the Sunni government in Egypt be tossed out. The Saudis were also appalled when Obama refused to armed the rebel Sunni fighters, which they supported in the Sunni-Shiite war. So, SA and Qatar armed them.

President Obama wants a 40 country coalition to demolish ISIS, so far, only 10 or so have signed up and even fewer are willing to do the walking in combat. America can do it alone and probably will. We really cannot trust on our so called friends. The war against ISIS is not a war per se, it is more like a "search and destroy" operation that has no end. America should allow our airpower to make a continuous and sustained attacks upon any target of opportunity that are identified. There should be no off limit targets in Syria or Iraq or Yemen. Just unleash the airpower on pinpoint targets and never let up for a month. ISIS would be dire straights. They would be in the fear because a strike by air or drones provides little warning to the target.

As the airstrikes occur, the Kurds and Iraqi army units capable of combat advance against them in a coordinated effort to shrink what ISIS has captured. US air can also support them. Obama should urge the Syrians to attack ISIS in Syria by any means. Ironically, US special forces and Iranian special forces have already coordinated attacks on ISIS.


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