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President Obama the greatest Scam or the greatest President?

Updated on March 18, 2012

In words

Let me first say this isn't a blog intended to bash the current President of the United States. This is intended to get you, the readers, attention to some very interesting issues surrounding the President. Also to be a voice on what you think. I will simply lay some information down that is currently brought to my attention. Lets start back when we all first heard the name Barack Obama. I immediately thought what kind of name is that? To me it just didn't sound like something that Americans name their children, even with all the odd names, I think that was tops. He told us that he would change the flow and style that America was left in. Nearly ruins. When he spoke I believed this man. I knew he couldn't do it in a day but i had hope that he would turn this destruction around. He made headlines since his before he voted into office. I didn't look at color, race, i just listened to what he was saying. It sounded good. Now when he got into office slowly i began to get very disappointed. And I'm going to tell you why.

Problem #1

Now to get money to help pay bills and other stuff from the government sounds good right? Well that's what Obama did first. He created this stimulus package. This made a lot of American's happy but at what cost? Then we began to hear that America didn't have enough money cover our debts and if we let the ceiling collapse then it would be tragic. The stimulus package did put smiles on people faces but think exactly how much "free" money did we give out? Millions. So where did that money exactly come from? Well in the short answer the air. The money was printed with nothing to back it. The danger in this, is that the more money we print like this, the more they have to increase inflation to cover the cost of this printed money. So what happens? The cost of gas raises, the cost of food raises, and the value of the dollar continues to fall. Which costs the average american citizen a lot more money to buy things, taxes sky rocket to unbelievable prices. Lets remember the average citizen doesn't realize this. They think Obama has done a noble thing by giving us back this money. NO. He knows better than anyone that for every dollar you received your being taxed 5 dollars on it. This is what set into motion the sky rocketing inflation that is happening right now.

Problem #2

Health care was one of the biggest topic of discussion. With people not being able to afford health care and being left to suffer this was a topic that hit home for a lot of people. Especially for older citizens. The ones that need to be covered almost more than anyone. So Obama tries to push this universal health care bill. Under this bill everyone will be fully covered automatically. Sounds sweet right? Well again ask yourself with people paying for health care and it being a huge income generator for America how are we going to cover the loss of that income? TAXES. The cost of living expenses will be so high the poor and middle class will be wiped out. Homeless and on the streets that is. For every 100 dollars you make the government will be taking 75 percent of it. If you make a 1 dollar you only will get a .25cents after taxes. Who can live on that?! Except the most richest people who make so much money they will barely feel it. So what can we do? Well the true problem is why are we printing so much with nothing to back it? As i stated above. If inflation went down health care wouldn't be such a huge dent in our pockets. The answer can't be as Obama wants it because as it will put smiles on people's faces for a moment the cost will be too high to maintain.

Problem #3

Donald Trump's rant that the President is a fraud first brought spot light to the American people surrounding his birth certificate. Well a lot of people thought noway. At least I did. I was under the impression that the CIA actually do there job. So when he came out with a document that appeared to be a birth certificate i was like "YOUR FIRED!" to Donald trump. Then I pushed it aside. Then I turned on the news and started hearing that the investigation of Obama's birth certificate was still ongoing. I was thinking how long does it take to prove if a birth certificate is real or not come on? Then I heard that every test they did, that his birth certificate failed to pass as real. I was like NOT ONE TEST. WOW. So now what do we do? How does this happen? What the hell do we have the CIA for if we let someone who isn't American take our highest office? Now to be honest it isn't the fact that he isn't american that really bothers me. Its that we have no idea who the hell he is! For all we know those rumors that he was raised muslim could be true. My problem is that the CIA had to know. So why would they cover it up? How do we know the rumors that the CIA picked him ins't true? WHO KNOWS. That's the scary part. So far i'm honestly disappointed. He has done very little to help. Maybe he had good intentions i don't know but the economy is still failing.

Make your voice heard!

Do you think Obama is the Greatest President or a Scam?

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Final words

Their was some things that he did that helped out but the facts remain that our debt almost collapsed, we have bad credit now, the cost of food and gas has gone up. Jobs are being created slowly but what good are those jobs if we can't get to them because gas costs too much? Or what good is having that job if we don't have enough to feed our families still because after taxes, gas, bills, and food we have pennies left if that? These issues are mounting up. I honestly feel after the last two Presidents we had that the government isn't trying to help us. If they were why are they making so many errors? These errors are so obvious to even the common person and these people are suppose to be the most intelligent people in America? So if you read this article then I'm sure you have a lot to add. Please take a moment and answer the poll to the right. You can also leave some comments at the bottom of the page if you like. Thank you. :)


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    • dzephaniah profile image

      David Zephaniah 

      6 years ago from Florida

      Look people. You need to stop the name calling and demonizing the other side. Obama is not fraud. He is not intentionally hurting the country. There are two major ideologies that are at work here. The democrats believe in socialism. They think that the government has to feed you and take care of you. This theory works well with the lower classes. This lower class has been multiplying heavily in the last 20 years. They are a big majority already. This upcoming election will be the real test to see how powerful they have become. I personally believe that if democrats win this time, you can pretty much say good bye to the greatness of this country. We’ll become some mediocre state with no values.

    • JON EWALL profile image

      JON EWALL 

      6 years ago from usa


      ''the stimulus was started by President Bush and implimented by President Obama''

      The Stimulus plan($750 BILLION NOW close to $1 trillion ) was ALL Obama and the Democrat super majority Congress. NO Republicans voted for the STIMULUS bill.President George Bush was responsble for TARP ( $700 billion ) which was for the banking crisis.

      I HAVE FOLLOWED the President's actions since 2008 when he promised many things such as JOBS.


      The Senator Coburn report '' WASTE IN GOVERNMENT''

      Barak Obama , I Am A Muslim!

      The PRESIDENT , who does he represent?

      President Barak Obama current news articles

      on hub pages

    • Marsei profile image

      Sue Pratt 

      6 years ago from New Orleans

      I voted for the President. I don't think he's the best of worst President we've had. I think he's a good man with good intentions who simply doesn't know how to come off as warm and fuzzy like Clinton did. It's not in his makeup, but that doesn't make him a bad guy. I think history will prove he's done okay. I have been very disappointed because he has not shown the leadership I expected. I truly don't believe the economy would be any better or worse if we had had a Repubican President these last years. It was a lose/lose for whoever won the election if that makes any sense. I'll likely vote for the man again. I don't have a lot of choices.

    • dzephaniah profile image

      David Zephaniah 

      6 years ago from Florida

      I don't know if he is a worst president, but he is bad in every single area. He's spending money that we don't have, gas prices are highest, unemployment is still very high and he is apologizing to everybody in the world. Wake up people! Democrats want to try methods that didn't work in any country including Russia, Greece, Spain, Italy, and more. We don't need more government autocracy. We need to reduce the government, for private sector to flourish; otherwise we'll sink like Russia.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      As for problem #1, the stimulus was started by President Bush and implimented by President Obama. Had this not been done the country, in my opinion would be worse off. Problem #2, his health care program is already helping the elderly, removed the lifetime benefit off of policies, and added children on parents policy, to mention a few. Problem #3, people need to give up on this birth certificate thing, and realize he is the President. As for Trump, I consider the source. Problem I see with the final note, I remember when prices of gas went up and all the commentators, even at fox news, said it was out of the hands of any President. The speculators are the biggest reason. Oil production is at all time highs and consumption at all time lows. As for taxes, they also are at all time lows. I do however agree the past President, (going back to and including President Reagan) put us into this mess. President Reasan with deregulation, President Clinton with NAFTA and the rest followed the same plan, with the same result? Recession.


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