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President Obama wins the nobel peace prize

Updated on October 9, 2009


Obama wins the nobel peace prize

In a rare and stunning decision President Barack Obama has won the 2009 nobel peace prize. He is the third sitting United States president to win this award. The nobel committee siad he was picked for the "hope" he portrayed on the world, and his ideas on reducing nuclear arms.

The decision is such a shock beucase Obama has only been president for 2 weeks before the nomination deadline was due on February 1rst. This means that the vote must of come strictly from the campaign promises Obama made rather than any real events that Obama was responsible for.

I am anxious to hear all the comments about this news, do you think Obama deserves this award, and please if so what did he do to win it? I am thinking the credibility of the Nobel Peace prize will drop even lower than it was when Al Gore won the award.

Did Obama deserve the Nobel Peace Prize?

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