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President Obama's Dilemma with Iran: Will Iran Call Obama's Bluff?

Updated on April 30, 2012

While there seems to be a gathering storm in the Middle East and Persian Gulf of US military forces to persuade Iran that Obama is serious, there is dysfunction when it comes to Syria and its year long internal w ar.

Obama relies on the useless UN to observe in Syria, as if they care, while with Iran, a mounting "shock & Awe" awaits them if them continue to develop nuclear weapons. In Syria, Obama seems to be too hesitant to do something as equal, or anything. What is ironic is that the real nemesis behind Syria is Iran. In February, the US proposed an arms embargo in the UN, it was shot down by China and Russia. Russia has lucrative arms contracts with Syria and Iran. China provides Iran with most of their anti-ship missiles.

Iran will not let Syria fail with Assad at the helm because it is part of their influential arc that spreads into Lebanon and Gaza. Iran uses and treats Syria as its "colony" and has its own military forces helping Syria.

So, President Obama, avoids a confrontation in Syria, as a forlorn hope that is appeasement to Iran, because of the nuclear weapon issues. Obama does not want to alienate Iran on Syria in hopes they will concede on talk issues regarding their nuclear weapons program. How stupid is this thinking? He may be a smart guy, but Iran is playing him and he will be the fool. Meanwhile, a massive military force builds off the Iranian coast. Israel will wait maybe another two months. Another thing that comes into play as to how the President acts with Syria and Iran is the US Presidential election. This one is hard to gauge because America is comprised of patriots with differing opinions.

Obama seems to hope and think that Iran can become a friend and buddy without a nuclear weapon, Iran has the opposite view, yes, we can be friends with the bomb, Syria, Lebanon and Gaza. I cannot help but think Iran's President Amadinejad admires Adolf Hitler in a sick way. How Hitler was able to conquer much of Europe because France and Britain in 1939-40 sought a policy of containment via appeasement. Iran admires this technique and is using it as a blueprint of sorts for its own hegemonic desires in the Middle East. It failed horribly with Hitler, who pretended to make concessions and not show his real desires. It will fail with Iran for the same reasons.

But, Obama must know this, right? Yes, but Obama is all about hope. He was elected on hope. But, what happens when Iran does call his bluff about military action by obfuscating the talks leading Obama down the proverbial trail.

Will Obama issue the order to attack?


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