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President Obama's No Policy Foreign Policy

Updated on August 28, 2014

When President Obama responded to a reporter's question about his strategy in foreign policy, the world was rather shocked when he said he had no policy. It was not a gaff but the truth finally coming out about a man who is clueless of what to do in the Middle East or the Ukraine. While everyone suspected the American policy was just that, hearing the American President actually say it was like viral ricocheting around the world.

Putin in Russia and ISIS or ISIL or IS must be laughing at how the world's most powerful nation is in a morass of indecision, of fear, to take military action. All Obama seems to do is talk, talk about repercussions, about sanctions, about getting other nations involved.

Many Americans, and not just hawks, are embarrassed for America's diminishing role in the world. It is acerbated by President Obama's timidity about using military force. God, I am. This man is pathetic. It all began with the red-line in Syria that Assad crossed and Obama backed down. He may have got Syria to remove the chemical weapons as a trade-off, but in the meantime, ISIS was coming to power. President Obama once compared ISIS to a JV team in a smug way. Who is having the last laugh now? ISIS has grown to 20,000 devoted fighters, 500 Brits and 100 Americans. ISIS is pure evil and Iraq's inability to use their power mirrors America's fear of loss. Thus, in the vacuum, ISIS grows like a weed and now is the world's most potent terrorist army that earns enough money to sustain itself.

If this is the start of the End Times, then, it is suppose to occur according to the Book of Revelations, when America's influence in the world greatly diminishes and this allows more chaos and evil. ISIS is using tactics from past Facists like Hitler, and tactics the North Vietnamese used in Vietnam.

Then there is Russia and the Ukraine. Obama and NATO members are dubious of doing anything more than apply more effing sanctions. Sanctions that do nothing to change Putin's mind. He has so far, circumvented most of them with new contracts and deals with other nations for his natural gas. The Russian people think he is doing the right thing by standing up to America. So, now, Obama is faced with a worsening dilemma with Russian troops and equipment entering the Ukraine. Putin knows the West is powerless. He is making NATO a joke and sending a signal to other countries thinking of joining NATO, to think again because NATO, like the U.N. has no stomach for confrontation.

President Obama is following the horrible pattern of the British and French in the days before WW2, when Hitler came to power. All their leaders did were talk, try to reason with a foe who played them and then conquered much of Europe. The sides negotiated and Hitler made it seem they had peace in their time. Hitler was buying time so his German Army could become strong. When the time was right, he spat on any agreements made, and attacked.

Obama is intelligent, surely he knows this, yet, he is still not willing to act decisively and refuses to use force that has real meaning. Making threats of military force are ignored now. Using force to pinprick the enemy is not going to stop them or growth. The allies are just as timid and will not act unless America does. Meanwhile, Putin and ISIS simply do what they want.

Putin will no doubt succeed in taking some, if not all, of the Ukraine. His troops in the Ukraine are testing the response of the West. If nothing happens but additional sanctions, Putin laughs, and sends more troops in as he did with Crimea. If the only thing America does to ISIS is to make selected targets of them, all ISIS does is scatter forces instead of concentrating them. If the US does not attack ISIS in Syria out of fear of what Assad might do, then Obama is empowering both evil states. Drone attacks upon ISIS in Raqqa, Syria, their undeclared center, would certainly be a first step.

Obama should just order a constant, 24\7, bombing campaign on any ISIS targets identified. Let's not worry about getting permission from Syria or collateral damage. He should insist that Jordan and Saudi Arabia be part of the air campaign. ISIS has already targeted both countries. NATO assets in Turkey should be activated and used against ISIS. Obama should just say- fuck them. You want war, you have it. As for the Ukraine, the only thing that might halt Putin is force- some kind of military reaction. Sending Ukraine actual combat weapons really won't do much, NATO needs to show some guts in using military force to help Ukraine. At least, send some token troops into Ukraine from NATO members.

History shows that sometimes the only thing that works against such evil is equal force. Sanctions, negotiations help such opponents. It helps them buy time, plan, counteract. Putin is a master at it.

And we still have two more years of this man! It must be in God's plan.


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    • lovemychris profile image

      Yes Dear 3 years ago from Cape Cod, USA

      Yes. Pnac zionists, of all persuasions.

    • profile image

      Kyle 3 years ago

      Blaming Cheney and the Jews, Chris? Are you serious?

    • lovemychris profile image

      Yes Dear 3 years ago from Cape Cod, USA

      Maybe...maybe there are more factions fighting for power than he bargained for.

      I know there are Cheney stay-behinds.

      I know there are PNAC'ers such as Vicky Nuland and Samantha Power, who just called Putin a liar.

      And I know that all of our gvt has signed pledge to Israel/Zionist.

      They look the other way on everything.

      Adelson funds the GOP presidential candidate, and he has said he wishes he had fought for Israel rather than the USA!

      Now it turns out--they are paid by defense contractors too.

      We are used and abused. And any HINT of "Hey, let's do something for ordinary people"...gets squashed by the jack-boots of Citizens United.

      I don't know: I think w my gut.

      And my gut has always told me that Obama is a good guy.

      But he needs an army of good guys to defeat these war-mongering infiltraitors, and they're all bought off!

      We need people who are not afraid to lose their wealth. Maybe even their lives.

      No conscience doesn't play. Takes a gentle as dove, wily as fox type of person to out-wit them. Cause you'll never out-finance them.

      Bamboozled by our own lust for material things. Can't take it with you when you die. But guess who will be there? You!

      No war! No way! .......because I'm sick of us dying for others.

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 3 years ago

      Spot on. Thanks.

    • dahoglund profile image

      Don A. Hoglund 3 years ago from Wisconsin Rapids

      I think the president believes in the way he has done things and is confused by the fact that it is not working out the way he expected. He has said that his role model is FDR but his actions are more those of Woodrow Wilson.

    • lovemychris profile image

      Yes Dear 3 years ago from Cape Cod, USA

      Maybe he knows the real terrorists are the neo-cons and their one world order.

      Maybe he knows that our country has been betrayed by them, and our gvt is saturated w them.

      You see--we don't all believe the media and the version of events they are selling.

      And I personally believe there are factions in the gvt and military who want to put a stop to the neo-cons.

      Maybe Obama is one of them.



      Russia did not invade Ukraine, Ukraine was taken over by a neo-con military coup.

      They are ruthless and have no conscience.

      I'm quite sure dealing with them is like tiptoeing in a land mine.

      Everything we see, hear and read is geared towards their agenda, as they of course own the media, and have people in gvt at every level.

      People in positions of power all over the world.

      So, while you think inaction is weak, remember the Tao philosophy:

      Show evil no attention, and it will go away on its own.

      It's that, or go to sending your kids? How about these war-mongering neo-cons? Their kids going to go?

      End of the world....just 95% of it: as they have planned.

      Or we don't let them.

      That is my view of things.

      Obama is not weak, he's Tao Master.