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President Obama's Real Intent About Syria

Updated on August 31, 2013

The time for any American intervention, as many believe, was in 2012. A time when Turkey was willing with American aid to create and support a no-fly zone extending from the Turkish border to Aleppo, which at that time, was rebel controlled. The Turks and others wanted to supply the rebels with more than just machine guns, mortars and rifles but did not because of Obama's resistance.

In fact, the record shows clearly that Obama wants nothing to do with Syria even when allies are willing. The fear factor of the unknown has made him and the US Middle East policy a joke. All that Obama provides Syria is lip service about how it is a crisis for the international community, how other nations should step up to the plate because the USA has no real security interest in Syria, even now, today, that remains is real opinion.

So, when he made his redline in the sand comment last year about the use of chemical weapons and how it would change things, he really never thought about it much. Never thought Assad would use it to kill 1400 or use napalm-like weapons. He thought Assad would be more civilized because of his medical education in Britain. He never had a plan regarding how he would react.

Now, Assad has. Obama's reputation as a leader and America's reputation as a country to rely on is on the line for many. To others, it has been trashed. Because of his own doing and bravado, in an effort to appear strong, he put himself in a corner. And up to very recently, he was going to give the "attack" order to fire 15 cruise missiles at probably useless targets because over a week of time has given Assad time to move assets. Obama stressed about the attack, the military plan because it went against his very spirit. He still holds belief that Syria is of little value to the US and that is why any attack would be punitive to give the impression America stands by its "redlines". It was all a hollow plan with critics on both sides. Even McCain said unless the attack was more robust, there was little point.

That said, Obama remained steadfast about the pinprick attack. It really is becoming a joke. But, at the last moment Obama saw a way out. A way NOT to attack and appear to avoid blame or weakness: The US Congress.

With public opinion at 80% disapproving this attack on Syria because Assad used gas, and over 100 members of Congress ranting about how Obama needs approval (when he really does not), Obama realized his way out. So, he made a last minute decision that caught generals and others in the decision process by total surprize- Obama will allow the Congress to vote on it. Obama knows the chance of it being approved is not even 50-50 and the more time goes on and the more questions that have no defined answers about the "end game" are asked, the odds increase that no approval will come forth.

Obama is secretly hoping Congress will not allow it because he, deep inside, never wanted to take military action but maybe be forced to just to save face-his face, his honor. Obama probably wishes he had never made the redline comment that Assad is calling his bluff on. Once Congress does not approve, Obama can lay blame on them for chickening out and claim, "Hey, I was ready. The military is ready, but I will not go against the people's wishes".

What do you call a person like this? Oh, the movie, Despicable Me, comes to mind.


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    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 

      5 years ago from California

      My friend sent me a map that drew lines from each country in the mid east and connected them to what faction. There were 9 or 10. I have heard there are as few as 6 rebel factions or as many as 29 in Syria.

      There is no way anyone knows how bombing Syria would help or hurt all those different factions.

      He will blame the Republicans for not letting him do what he thinks is best. In this case that is fine with me.

    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 

      5 years ago from Auburn, WA

      On the money. The President looks bad. The U.S. looks bad. We can't allow a blunder like Iraq to dictate US policy 10 years later. This gas attack needs to be answered. Obama looks feckless.


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