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President Trump Walks When Reporters Challenge Him

Updated on May 12, 2020

When anyone is called out for false facts, fake narratives, lies, in public, they begin to stumble and attack those asking the questions in derogatory manner. If the line of questioning continues from others, the person lying eventually becomes frustrated and walks away.

This is what out president, Donald Trump, did at a news conference when reporters were asking about his proclamation of being able to test everyone, whenever needed. Reporters asked Trump about a double standard that his WH staff can test for the virus daily while most Americans cannot be tested unless they have more serious symptoms. Trump responded with an attack on the reporter asking the about the double standard basically stating that the reporter is never satisfied with testing no matter what Trump does.


Then an Asian-American reporter asked Trump about why he is always spouting about how America is the best nation when it comes to testing for the corona virus, when that is simply not true and as over 80,000 Americans have died. Trump fired back with, "Maybe you should ask China". About why the US was not prepared for testing Americans? About why they hid facts from WHO in the December? In any case, the reporter fired back with a more personal question, " Sir, why are asking that question to me, personally", inferring some sort of racial stigma because she was Asian. Trump responded, " i am not directing it towards you specifically".

Hmm, who then? Was it just a slip of the tongue from Trump? Maybe it just looks bad because Trump is blaming China for it all and China is Asian?

Trump then was clearly irritated with his inability to quell the persistent reporter by selecting another. The other woman reporter then picked up the same line of questioning, but, before she could even complete the nearly same question, Trump had enough. He abruptly ended the press conference, turned and walked away, leaving everyone is shock.

Watching live or on video is unreal. Seeing how Trump, when confronted with his own lies, does not fight or admit wrong, but runs. Instead of having a showpiece press conference that he usually controls with cutting off reporters or berating them into submission, these two reporters did their job asking questions he could not answer because the all the known facts simply do not support what he is claiming and he is using a false claim to promote his 2020 re-election campaign.

Now, his supporters will no doubt say that the reporters were from the far left with agendas to bring him down or Chinese operatives. But, facts are facts and Trump was just trying to make himself look like a hero who conquered Covid-19. That is not the reality and claiming that America has the best testing capability in the world is not supported by what the facts are now. This may change as testing ramps up, but America was far behind in testing capability early on because Trump really did not think is was THAT serious in February.

Kudos to any reporter willing to challenge Trump. We need more of them.


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    • perrya profile imageAUTHOR


      13 months ago

      To the great historian post- I am saying it is disgraceful for any leader to walk because they cannot admit for their failings, lying. Your post is typical from a trump supporter, the same idiots that said Guam would tip over if too many were on it and thought Trump was chosen by God to lead America back into God's grace.

    • Randy Godwin profile image

      Randy Godwin 

      13 months ago from Southern Georgia

      I watched this example of idiocy yesterday, Perry. Trump has turned the entire WH on its head it seems. Not a moral bone in his tremendously fat body when it it comes to himself.

      He's especially threatened by intelligent women because he hasn't been around many in his life. He does love big bosomed bimbos though. :P

    • lovemychris profile image

      Leslie McCowen 

      13 months ago from Cape Cod, USA

      His racism is going to backfire. And I’ll be there for it. And yes, we need many more reporters that will stand up to his lies.

      Maybe then, republicans would get some guts and confront him. Go Romney, the only one.

      But watch for it......the briefings will soon be filled with Fox, Breitbart and OAN.

    • peoplepower73 profile image

      Mike Russo 

      13 months ago from Placentia California

      Trump doesn't really have a defense. He either attacks or changes the focus to another subject. In this case his defense was, "Maybe you should ask China." He attacked her and did not defend himself.

    • profile image

      the great historian 

      13 months ago

      Politics are corrupt alright especially The Democrats they were talking about impeachment before he was elected oh and we also have evidence for that and did you know the many of these politicians are idiots one said a couple of years back that Guam would tip over if you put too many people on it. So if you're saying that walking away from a reporter is corrupt that's just dumb maybe you should look at other people in politics.


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