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President Trump Was Chosen By God

Updated on June 8, 2020
Trump and his appointed spiritual advisor that he once had an affair with in 2003
Trump and his appointed spiritual advisor that he once had an affair with in 2003

America in the End Times

Don't laugh. We all have heard about End Times, the Antichrist, the natural disasters and pandemics that impact our world, the Mideast wars and the final Armageddon battle when Russia, China, Turkey and others descend upon Israel, abandoned by America, defended by a new European army (formerly NATO). Then, at the last moment, Jesus Christ returns and obliterates them all.

Now, while Trumpers (those who will support this man regardless of his morals or actions) firmly believe God chose this man to lead America into a second greatness. Many would allow Trump to kill someone on 5th Avenue in NYC and get away with it. They are devout followers and unwilling to accept an alternative to why God selected Trump.

Why God Chose Trump

God chose this flawed man who is despicable in many ways because America has not been "under God" for decades. Despite God's forgiveness in the past for its wayward morals and love of material things, the country has continued down and away from God. Thus, God has chosen Trump not to lead a reform to correct its position under God, but to make the country divided and weakened. God's patience with the USA has gone. God had blessed the USA since it first was created 100 years ago as the promised land. It was under God, but no longer.

America's role in the End Times is one of being self-centered with itself, in other words, isolationist. It is not worried or cares too much about events outside of its borders because America has too many problems of its own with civil unrest, pandemic, injustices, and an reluctance to use its powerful military unless it directly threatens the USA itself.

What better man to create the chaos and division in the population and government than Donald Trump! Since 2016, he has fostered racial divides, white supremacy, confederate values, sinful morals and going after anyone who disagrees with him, in other words, a tyrant of sorts.

The 2016 election began the divide and controversy and continues in 2020. The question now is, will God allow Trump to win again or has America been weakened enough for a Democratic win? Will the unrest and chaos created by Trump be rectified by Joe Biden, or, will fixing it just create more turmoil and chaos? If Trump is allowed to win, America will continue down its fall from greatness into a swamp Trump will drown in. But, maybe it is all suppose to happen this way.

If you bothered to read the Book of Revelations at all (even out of curiosity) you will see that the USA is very much preoccupied with its own problems rather than abroad. It is no longer the world's leading power (but still strong) and it is reluctant to become involved unless it impacts the country directly. That gives reason why the NATO nations will create a "European Army", which has already begun forming in anticipation of a US pullout. As of now, only 10,000 men are in it (mainly France, Germany). This army will grow to comprise of former NATO countries and equal to a force to be reckon with and oppose Russia and\or China. This force eventually will be controlled by a new leader, the Antichrist.

If God did not want this to happen, then Trump would not have happened to the USA and nationalism and racism within would not be as it is today. Of course, God did not actually appoint Trump to take America into this chaos and divisive path, he just allowed it to happen because the spiritual void in the culture of America.

Like I said, maybe this is suppose to happen and neither Trump or Biden has the correct answer.


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