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President Trump: Why He Is The G.O.A.T

Updated on July 4, 2017

My brother continuously chastises me, because I didn't vote in the 2016 election. Granted I was transitioning from a foreign country to a new city, so it was a bit difficult for me. However, those only are excuses to my brother who believes that by not voting I voted for Donald Trump. Usually I strongly disagree, because let's face it the 45th President has been a disaster.

He spoke awfully about latin americans, made fun of mentally challenged people, tore down women to mere objects and much more. The FBI is currently investigating the living tangerine for links between Russians and officials in his campaign. To be honest if any other man was in office he would probably be impeached already.

However my opinion on the man, the myth, the President completely changed last night. When I saw the gif he sent forth onto social media I realized Donald Trump is revolutionizing what it means to be presidential. What he did was something no other president has had the balls to do. By using social media to be ruthlessly hilarious he has solidified his G.O.A.T status in three ways: Fearlessness, Social Media Wit and Persistence.


During Obama's years as president some criticized his reserved nature and his inability to take action in national and international situations. These criticisms grew so large that even comedians Key & Peele made a skit about an angry no filter alter ego Obama.

Well, with Donald Trump there is no need to create a skit, because he truly has no filter. This is a positive quality to have because of the transparency. People know what is coming when Donald J. Trump walks into the room. When there are so many people criticizing, bashing and condemning you, it would be very easy to attempt to change your tune. However, Trump has continued to be himself all the way thru.

Social Media Wit

The 71 year old President has mastered Twitter in a way no other president has. By embracing immediacy, chance of failure and complete openness, he won the social media battle between not only his competitors to presidency, but also against the media itself. With one tweet his name would be over headlines, in debates and pundit conversations. People who were tired of talking about Trump had to, simply because the ratings he was bringing in was off the charts. Trump has set a new bar for what candidates' social media should look like.


Early in the campaign trail several celebrities and political experts found it amusing that billionaire Trump was actually running for office. But he continued to believe in what he was selling to America and marched on along the campaign trail. This type of indifference for what experts think can be seen in several other greats in history.

For example, the famous inventor Thomas Edison scoffed at the idea of air conditioning. "Fooling around with alternating current is just a waste of time. Nobody will use it ever." Oh Tom, if you could only see how well the A/C is doing today. George Westinghouse was the inventor that ignored the hate and continued pursuing in what he believed.

In a similar way, Donald Trump swept off the hate on his shoulders and kept his dream of being president alive.


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    • Readmikenow profile image


      12 months ago

      People need to start seeing the brilliance of Donald Trump. He never ran for office and beat the Republican elites in the primary. He then went on to defeat one of the most well-connected political figures in American history. Protesting didn't stop him. Trying to do recounts only led to him having more votes. Attempts at getting the Electoral College to change their votes only led to Hillary losing more electoral votes. Now he's president and has enemies on all sides and keeps going. Sorry, no collusion with his campaign and the Russians has been shown. Ask Democrat senator Diane Feinstein. You are right. Twitter has helped his him connect with his base of support. Few news outlets will show how he actually got a bump in the polls after the twitter war with the morning show. So, he's figured out what others haven't. His popularity among his base has only increased. I think he's proving himself to be quite a strong leader.

    • Xplor profile imageAUTHOR


      12 months ago from Kansas City

      Thanks for reading my article! If you look in the link below it does show his net worth is in the billions.

    • ptosis profile image


      12 months ago from Arizona

      He is not a 'billionaire'. Your article is inaccurate. Trump’s use of Twitter is “effective and informative” or “reckless and distracting.” You made a erroneous choice.


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