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President Trump and His Followers Are In Denial

Updated on September 4, 2019

With the 2020 election still a year away, a lot can and will happen. But, one thing that will not change is Trump and all his followers who simply deny so many facts because they just cannot handle them.

Their collective positions on collusion with Putin, climate change, race relations, health care, NATO, and the economy just resonate and mirrors what Trump believes. Trump's base of no more than 40% are intelligent people yet even when face with facts that are known to be reality, they turn a blind, naive, eye, as if they believe that by doing so, the problem will go away or the reality will change.


The Mueller report seemed to end that by declaring that none was knowingly found between Trump's men and Putin in the 2016 election. At worst, the Russian interference just ran parallel to the campaign because Russia felt Trump was their man and Putin hated Clinton. That said, Mueller did not find anything that he could legally act upon. However, that was then. The report is done. But, just look at how Trump continues to favor and appease Russian actions or Putin directly. Trump wants Putin back in the G7, after being kicked out for Russia seizing Crimea with "little green men". He stated that Putin ran circles around President Obama during that crisis. Trump is now considering denying $250 million in aid to the Ukraine for their military defenses against Russia. Trump has said that Russia never entered into the Ukraine during their war in 2014. This has been proven false many times over in various investigations. Russian forces did enter into the Ukraine war when their opposition group was being defeated by Ukraine. In the battle of Iloviask, it were the Russian forces that shocked Ukrainian forces when they entered from across the border with some 3000 men and armor. It was a turning point and one that allowed Russia to continue control part of the Ukraine, a sovereign country.


Despite hundreds of scientific and scholarly reports and findings, Trump remains an idiot by discounting that it is really happening. Whenever some horrific event occurs relating to climate, he calls it an anomaly, something that happens every so often throughout history. He and his followers are so denial about it, that Trump, has reversed or diminished some 83 laws that protect the environment for Americans and his supporters. He is a liar about being the most environmental friendly president and most of America knows it. Trump would rather open up previously protected areas to development of oil, coal, and natural gas, as he relaxes regulations for companies to exploit.


Trump has greatly under estimated China's resolve in the trade war he created. While Trump is the chosen one to take China on for its manipulation of the market and many bad deals the US has made, the error is that China can wait the US out until after the 2020 election. China has strategy that will outlast Trump's because support for the trade war will decrease the longer it goes on. China can wait it out and hope that a Democrat will get elected for better terms. Trump's bully tactics can be matched by China's. Both are major economies driving the world. Had this been done 10 years ago, perhaps the US might come out on top due to leverage, but today, it is just a face-off until one blinks. If the economy tanks, maybe his devout followers will finally see light.

Wishful thinking can be a very dangerous thing to have blind faith in. Trump and his followers are stuck in it.


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