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President Trump and the Mexican Border Wall

Updated on February 10, 2017

Crossing the Border line into Texas From Mexico

Trump VS The Wall

The borders of Texas with Mexico have been an ongoing battle. The USA does not want undocumented Mexicans or anyone from Mexico to come into our country without at least going through the border gates we have lined up with Border Patrol. This is not new, however the border walls are still there on 70 percent of the Mexican and American Border areas in the USA. They are run down and some do not exist in spots in different states. This has done nothing in keeping out those wishing to cross from Mexico to the United States.

I am a Trump supporter but this wall to be put up , whoever has to pay for it, is plain ridiculous. Most of the areas close to the border line have tunnels so the immigrants and drugs pass through these tunnels more than going over some wall. Is it a waist of money? Yes, but is there some significant reason President Trump wants to build another wall?

In my opinion I feel that there should be a barrier to keep the non-USA citizen out of our country without proper identification, but a wall is not the answer. In fact a wall would be a waste of money for even the Mexicans to have to pay for. What could work better? These are questions when asked that no one really knows.

I live close to the border of El Paso, Texas and I know that for a fact that the Mexicans cross even around the city as they do this on a daily basis. To keep Terrorist out is my main concern, however some type of system would have to go into effect to keep these migrants out as well.

The Mexican Wall

Why The Wall

The only thing I see political with President Trump is this wall. It is a gesture to show authority of a man who knows this wall will not keep anyone out. If the wall is to be as big as the Chinese wall , then , yes , this will possibly work for the longterm. I do not think this is what contractors have in mind. This wall would have to be very high and indestructible and guarded at all ends of it. The wall would have to be very deeep in the depth to cut through all the tunnels from Mexico to the USA.

The wall I am speaking of would take years to build and would have to be so massive that one could not see the other side of what is on the other. It would have to be at least 20 feet wide and made of brick and this as it is wide. If this is what Trump is going to build then I am totally wrong about this article.

I have no problems with other races or nationalities coming to the USA, but they must meet special criteria in order to be safe from the bad guys. That is what this wall is suppose to do for the USA. However incredible this wall may become is soon to be found out, because once President Trump starts building , he will not stop.


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