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President Trump is Putin's Naive Asset

Updated on October 25, 2019

Let Me Count The Ways

It has been reported that since 2016, President Trump has outright lied or mislead facts to the American people over 10,000 times. If the news about himself is not to his liking, he publicly declares it fake news. Most intelligent voters just roll their eyes, while others, believe it as fact.

Trump declares him the most intelligent president ever, and yet, President Putin of Russia, plays him so well that Trump is not even aware of it. Trump is Russia's naive asset in the White House. All Putin has to do is have a conversation in private with Trump with no record of what was said (as what has happened) about things that push Putin's agenda and Putin knows that just planting the thought in Trump's naive brain will eventually become American policy in some form.

Look at what has been American policy that has helped Putin's agenda:

  1. Syria - despite all the rhetoric from Trump about his "brilliant" decision, Putin played upon Trump's own promise to "end all wars" and bring home US troops. Trump still thinks this horrible decision will help him win in 2020 and I am sure Putin pressed this idea. Putin played the fool very well. Now, Russian forces have taken former American bases and laughing at us.
  2. Putin probably also planted the insane idea that it was the Ukraine that interfered with the US election in 2016. This goes against all other investigations ending with that it was Russia, that Trump does not believe because Putin said that was a lie. The reason why Putin would plant this idea is that Russia remains at war with its runaway republic since 2014. It makes Ukraine look like the bad country. But, why would Ukraine even have done this? Makes zero sense. Russia still may try to seize more of the Ukraine than it has now, how would Trump then act? Would he withhold more military aid unless dirt on the Bidens was found?
  3. Putin probably also planted the idea that the Democratic Server (DNC) was somewhere in the Ukrainian hands. This is more of just a red herring that Trump swallowed wholly. The server is suppose to have Hillary Clinton's emails. Nothing will ever be found because it is just Putin's KGB method of using naive assets who believe him.
  4. Putin does have something damaging to Trump. Whether it is past monetary loans from Russia during the 90's that helped bail Trump out of bankruptcy, salacious video or photos of Trump in compromising positions when Trump went to Moscow for several days to discuss about a Moscow Trump Tower, or Trump's own personal goals of doing a business deal in Russia (with Putin's approval) after he is no longer president, all carry substantial weight in Trump's mind and does not place America first. This all influences Trump's decisions when it comes to foreign policy.
  5. Putin probably is encouraging Trump to "standfast" and "stonewall" the impeachment process because it all just creates division and chaos in America. Putin wants that, too, because it weakens America's resolve and diverts attention away from foreign matters. This allows the bad actors to get worse.

But, Trump does not think he is catering to or being influenced by his friend Putin. He thinks these seeds that Putin actually planted in conversation are his own "brilliant" concepts. The proof is that Trump has gone against more professional advice from his generals and intelligence. He has actually said that he "believes" Putin more than the men he appointed.

Putin just loves his naive asset. He really does.


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