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President Trump, the Beginning

Updated on February 23, 2017

Trump Administration in Chaos

I did not vote for Mr. Trump. However, I believe that once the people have voted and the president chosen, we ought to do our best to assure that he/she has a successful administration. We do not want a failed administration for four years whatever the party affiliation. A failed presidency would seriously hurt our country and cause the citizens to suffer. I am not against the Republication Party since in the past I have voted for individual Republicans for Local, State and National Offices, but it currently does not reflect my views.

However, in the month since Mr. Trump has been president, I have been distressed at the chaos that seems to surround the Oval Office. I know that in election campaigns candidates exaggerate what they can do in the office, outline lofty plans and grandiose ambitions. Most, after elected and taking office, confront the realities of the responsibility and limits of the office. This results in some reflection and revision of high blown rhetoric.

The framers of The Constitution were deathly afraid of letting any one person or one branch of government's irrational ambition or programs run unfettered and therefore created checks and balances in the three branches of government: The Executive, The Legislative, and The Judicial. In addition the First Amendment guaranteed free speech and therefore a free press (Which we now refer to as Media) that watches over all of it to protect the citizenry, in general, since the establishment of The Republic.

Nevertheless, Mr. Trump seems to think that the office of president has given him certain powers to carry out his personal agenda without regard to the other institutions of The Republic. He has belittled the courts and judges for offering opinions counter to his wishes, He has accused the Press(Media) of lying about him and publishing "Fake News" to criticize him and challenge his "facts and reports of incidents". But this is the job of those institutions and elected officials.

Someone in the powerful office of president must reflect on their actions, pronouncements, directives and appointments and consider the whole picture before instituting actions that have serious consequences. Mr.Trump has continually alluded to facts and incidents that on inspection are obviously not true. In addition he has appointed some people to cabinet positions who from all indications have no education or experience related to the agency they are expected to supervise. He has signed presidential resolutions without considering the agencies that have to implement the proclamations

I would say that the Trump Presidency has not had a good beginning. Hopefully it will become more reflective, and rational in it's rhetoric, decisions and actions.

We'll see.

George Calvert


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    • Oztinato profile image

      Oztinato 11 months ago from Australia

      We are all witnessing Donald's mental decay on TV. Sad.