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Updated on December 15, 2013

President Nelson Mandela

We are celebrating and mourning at the same time.Celebrating because the life of Nelson Mandela is worth celebrating the way we celebrate christmas.He is unique.He had the grace to forgive the people who jailed him,punished him and finally released him.He had the mental strength to survive the Jail term,became the president of South Africa,provide a smooth transition from minority rule to majority rule and hand over the presidency after a single term.

He had the option to continue the presidency for a second term or even longer.Every president or prime ministers in the world run the country as long as the constitution permits or amend the constitution to suit their ambition.Those who do that do so either due to the believe they are the best for the job,country cannot survive without them or fear of living without power.

Nobody knows what he had in mind when he decided to hand over power after single term.Message of condolences are being sent from world leaders all over the world,some genuine ,some artificial,some hypocritical and some who has the worst human rights record.Some of these leaders have silenced the free press through brutal force,killed the opponents who surrendered,decorated the army who has committed atrocities.Have we learnt anything from his life.

There was no element of hypocrisy in his life.Even after spending 27 years in prison,he mastered diplomacy ,maintained diplomatic relationship by thanking then Prime Minister of Britain Margaret Thatcher for her help in securing his release , expressed his opinion about Iraq war without falling out with world leaders.

An honest tribute to Nelson Mandela is to respect the freedom of all human beings irrespective of their colour,race or religion.Today human rights ,human values vary from country to country ,race to race,region to region depending on the usefulness to the developed world.

Missed message

World leaders are sending messages on the achievement of Nelson Mandela on racial equality,equality in jobs ,forgiveness and diplomacy.His message are not practiced by the same leaders.There are number of world leaders who have indulged in killing those who are opposed to their views.This has been going on before the two world wars and after the world wars and continuing to date.On going wars in Syria,Egypt ,Human rights violation and racial discrimination in Sri Lanka are typical examples.

Syria and Sri Lanka stand out in human rights violation in recent times.Syria is believed to have used chemical weapons against their own citizens,large number of refugees are living in temporary accommodation,moved into neighbouring countries as refugees.

In Egypt democratically elected President is overthrown,detained and tried for wrong doings by military.

Sri Lankan armed forces have committed war crimes ,bombing civilians who were moved into no fire zone,deliberately bombing hospitals,killing those whose surrender were arranged by UN.Human Rights Chief has raised concerns during her recent visit to Sri Lanka which was completely ignored by Sri Lankan Government.

Commonwealth have honoured Sri Lanka with the Chairmanship of the Commonwealth.

Question Time

The question time programme by BBC has raised important issues about President Nelson Mandela's legacy.People are interpreting his ideology to suit them.Some claim that he is a revolutionary and hence following the revolutionary path is fine,others look at the reconciliatory Nelson Mandela who is against white domination and Black domination.

At the question time programme parallels were drawn to the land reforms in Zimbabwe where the opposing views were discussed.It was said that in the name of land reforms the productive farms should not be destroyed.

President Nelson Mandela in his life time has achieved the dismantling of the apartheid,achieved voting rights for the entire South African population.and set the country on the path to democracy.His successors have a hard act to follow.

Message from World leaders

President Barack Obama
He makes me want to be a better man.Aroound the world today men and women are still imprisoned for their political beliefs;and are still being persecuted.
Prime Minister David Cameron
Progress is not just handed own as gift,it is won through struggle.He did not see himself as victim of history-he wrote it.
Shimon Peres
The world has lost a great leader who changed face of history.
United Nations
UN Secretary General
Owesome power of forgiveness and of connecting people with each other
President Raul Castro
The ultimate symbol of dignity and unwavering dedication to the revolutionary sruggle,to freedom and justice,a prophet of unity,peace and reconciliation.
President Putin
It was our country -that supported South Africa and other countries in Africa in their fight against racial segregation,their fight for justice and democracy.
President Mukherjee
A towering personality of great compassion and wisdom,he guided his nation,bruised by decades of apartheid and violence,to embrace his simple message of tolerance and harmonious co-existence.
President Xi Jinping
Chinese People will always remember his contributions to China-South Africa relations and human progress.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper
With the passing of Nelson Mandela ,freedom has lost a champion
Tibetian Spiritual Leader
Dalai Lama
We are very sad.However this sadness is not much use.This sadness must translate into will power and determination.
President Mugabe
Great friend and a man of real principle
Sri Lanka
President Mahinda Rajapakse
His brave leadership to independence struggle was exemplary,legendary and inspirational to peace loving people all over the world.


President Nelson Mandela belongs to the class of Mother Teresa and Mahathma Ghandhi who dedicated their life for the betterment of the other human beings irrespective of differences.President Nelson Mandela joins them in heaven and shower their blessing on us who are left behind.


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