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“Presidential Debates Race to the Finish Line”

Updated on October 4, 2012

(R)Elephants vs.(D) Donkeys

By:Anastasia Vaughan

On the Wednesday night of October 3, 2012 current President Barack Obama will go head to head with Mitt Romney on the heated issue that is on the minds of many Americans on how the next four years need to play out. Though Mitt Romney is no great speaker to strive being, many Americans will still look to Romney to see what answers he will come up with in how he plans to turn the economy around. Some will of course listen to his response for answers as if he has the solutions while others will join me in seeking his light stuttering, dance around the question by straying off topic style as pure comedy.

America is for certain in turmoil and this is for sure no laughing matter. At stake we have healthcare, the economy, the national trillion dollar deficit that has been racked up over the last 12 years, and or course the national job situation with employment. Though I do believe the American people are one’s to reject change if they feel comfortable, in all honesty Obama’s term has been a rocky one filled with victories in which the American people magically seem to skip over in conversations amongst themselves like the fact that Osama Bin Laden was caught, General Motors rehired after the laid off in Detroit or the fact that America has been trying to pass healthcare bills that generate less of a vase variation in Financial gaps between the rich and the poor when it comes to deciding if one is sick enough or rich enough to seek treatment.

President Barrack Obama is an excellent speaker which means Romney will have to fight hard to combat his sharp wit and charismatic tongue. However, it is the internal anger that is subconsciously building in the American public that might make even fighting back harder for Obama. Romney is likely to change the subject on issues he feels are unfavorable in the eyes of the public, create past experiences that didn’t happen to identify with the poorer class, and paraphrase questions with fact that are distorted in a way in which would favor him. If you think Romney will rely on honesty to win this time around simply replay his wife’s speech that is his quote on quote “secret weapon” for the campaign at the Republic National Convention in which she tells the massive audience they lived in one room basement. Funny how your private school was bigger than the queen’s home trimmed with mahogany yet they let you live in a one room shack. But of course you can’t fight stores being told on a past that wasn’t well documented enough or dug up at the right time by the opposing party on the past. In past years of presidential terms and more than 44presidents only 13 of them have had repeating terms despite the fact that reasoning circumstance vary. We as a nation have given Eisenhower, Reagan, Clinton, and Bush 8 years to prove themselves. Every man who has accomplished battles won, health care plans intact and rolled up his sleeves with the common folks deserves a second chance as smoothing out political kinks.


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