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Presidents & Prime Ministers Lacking Popularity

Updated on September 16, 2012
Julia Gillard with President Obama
Julia Gillard with President Obama

Why Not Step Down?

There's always been political leaders who have failed to win the support and popularity of the citizens after being elected, and in many cases, this popularity seems to diminish more and more the longer they're in office. So why don't they step down? Is it a case of pride? Do they feel that them being in office for another year or two until the next election will give them a chance to suddenly transform their ideas and revamp the economy? Or are they just ignorant enough to feel that while they're at the top, they may as well hold onto the position for as long as they can?

To name a few examples in our current year, in the United States, the support for President Obama has taken a drastic fall since his election win in 2008, with the people of the US still lacking confidence in their country's leader. Even though he may introduce new policies or bring the troops back home from Iraq, the citizens still fail to recognise Obama as a worthy President.

In Australia, the former Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, was elected in 2007 and then forced out by his own political party. The new party leader, Julia Gillard, had later only scraped through in winning the election in 2010 with a minority government and has since failed to meet the promises made to the people of Australia during her election campaign. This therefore led to record unpopularity numbers by the citizens of Australia and calls for her ousting as Prime Minister. Even with new policies introduced by Gillard and the Labor party, her popularity numbers fails to rise and win the support of the people.

In Croatia, the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) suffered an historic defeat with the Kukuriku coalition to head the next Croatian government. After failing to meet the needs of the citizens, the hope is that the new government will work towards strengthening to economy and working with the people to provide better opportunities for the people. Whether the new government meets the demands of the citizens, time will tell.

So why do so many politicians or political leaders put their own pride as being President or Prime Minister as the forefront of their lives instead of considering the impacts on the nation? At the end of the day, the lack of direction by the government political leaders will only cause harm to the nations and economies throughout the globe, hence, forcing economies and consumers alike into bankruptcy, discontent, and uncertainty. My view is that that those leaders, whether in political or social leadership positions, should have the dignity to listen to the views of the people, and look to resolving the issues that lie within their leadership or pass the leadership onto an individual who has a greater interest or expertise in leading and managing the people, government and economy.


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