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Presidents Will Fall

Updated on September 21, 2018
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Clive Williams is an internet researcher and writer on many genres. He has a BSc. Degree in Information Systems.

Evil Leaders

It is funny how billions of people occupying this plane, this planet can give just a minute few power over them to rule and create rules. Yet it is these same people who sniffle the rights of earth citizens by creating selfish rules and building their own empires by crowing themselves king and driving fear into citizens by using the power of arms in numbers. Earth compromises of 195 countries hosting billions of people, some good and some bad. All these nations are governed by some president or Prime Minister. These leaders were given the mandate to secure the citizens within their countries by providing essential services needed to make any nation happy and prosperous. No matter the color, age sex or religion of any nation. The root all comes back down to us all being humans who have the same needs as all human beings. We all have the need to live, the need to survive in a comfortable and well-kept environment. We all need food, health, wisdom, love and shelter.

But as decades past, Presidents have totally forgotten their true mandate and have shifted their focus on petty squabbles such as trying to be the baddest nation, spying on each other, creating rules which cheats citizens of their rights as human beings. And creating fake devastations and chaos to pass bills and to control the masses by driving fear and uncertainty into their weak hearts. Presidents elected today do not have the people will at heart, instead they have the main mandate of worldwide depopulation. This is what everything boils down to, getting rid of a couple billion worthless human beings who just seem to be using up good air which belongs to good people. Every earthquake which seems suspicious, every storm which seems unnatural, every new disease which suddenly pops up, every rumors of war and every forest fires are all orchestrated by our own governments and presidents to simply reduce the count of humans. But the problem with this plan is that the presidents forgot one tiny detail. They forgot that people are smart and resilient and will not stop fighting until the last breath has left their bodies.

Fall of Presidents
Fall of Presidents

Nations Awoken

A shift in the matrix has occurred and many people have begun to wake up. They have awoken and realise that the world leaders are evil beings. They have realised that in order for the world to have wisdom and true peace, Presidents must fall. The world is too large to be commanded by a handful of imperfect beings who have made the power drive them into hidden insanity. Billions of people are now receiving the same signal subliminally. They are receiving the signal to stand up and let their billions of voices be heard. No government, no military will be able to stop the voices of the masses. But before this happens, the people still are willing to stretch a peaceful hand to all world leaders in order for them to move away from the current evil agenda and focus on the people’s agenda. Before the sons of God awaken and cast turmoil on nations, the people ask that the presidents come forth and let the truth awaken the people. But as usual, leaders are proud and refuse to answer to the people. Hence, so as it was in the days of Pharaoh and Moses, So shall it be in the end.

Buthering The Wise

But let me tell you. In order for any major change of power to take place in any nation. There will be lives lost and devastation of cities. Perfect examples are the massacre and genocide of Indians by the Europeans who came to the Americas and stole lands. Then if you look at the Spaniards and the English, they have raided Africa and the Caribbeans and rampaged and stole gold, diamonds and enslaved millions to build their own nations. But this time it will be guts and glory because the people have a power that these demons have never known. The king will only give two warnings and after the second warning, the evil will be swallowed in their owne misery and fury.

© 2018 Clive Williams


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