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Press Misuses Freedom

Updated on May 5, 2017

Press Misled the World Leaders

Press is not disinterested these days rather it has become a mouthpiece of rich and resourceful. It is not playing its role for the betterment of humanity. It Is also not strengthening democracy or democratic institutions. On the contrary it has become a source of arraying different states,groups and even departments against each other.If you are alive to the situation and have a slight interest with history you will come to understand the negative role of media and press. It is not a fourth pillar now but is becoming fifth column.

Take a look at the role of media and press in the last two or three decades. In the cold war era and then during the war against Soviet Union in Afghanistan, it was media that formulated negative opinion against Soviets.Have a cursory glance at the Iraq war. It was press and western press only that instigated the US government to wage a war against Iraq. The American press formulated public and political opinion against Saddam Hussain. It imposed its will on the political entity. The US led coalition catapulted the lands of Iraq. Afterwards the true reports came out that there were no missiles possessed by Iraq for which it was destroyed.


In cold war days Russian were maligned and misrepresented . They were called red bear and It was so aggrandized that common people in America and the West considered them the monsters. When the Soviet Union fell, a new enemy was required by the West and the US to fight with. Theory of clash of civilization was spread by the press and propounded the theory that the Muslims were enemies of civilization. Al-Qaida’s head Osama bin Laden who was a tame terrorist of America and had close relations with the secret agencies was labelled as the most wanted terrorist and his organisation Al Qaeda was blamed for attacking WTC. That was also the work of press and media. Press never expressed its concern over the true status of the world trade center's destruction. The Muslims were insulted and humiliated and made target of all the atrocities.

The African were the easy target. Sudan and Somalia were hunted first. The media reported wrong. Then Taliban came on the scene. These were prepared in Pakistan by the West to advance their interest but they were Pushtuns and could never yield to outside authority. Mullah Omer’s Taliban were attacked brutally. Daisy cutters were thrown and there was devastation and decimation on large scale. The brutalities of the Americans were proved correct by the Media and Press. Afterwards when Osama died the myth of Al-Qaida also died

Press Divides not Unites

The Western Press found a new theory of placing Shia and Sunni Muslims against each other. For this purpose Israel Intelligence services ISIS disguised as Daesh was popularized by the press. Yemen, Egypt and Syria were destroyed. And still the destruction continues. Press has forgotten its role and has become a propaganda tool in the hands of vested interests.Media owners owns media for usurping the resources. On all levels Press has become corrupt. It is West,Asia America or Africa,Media and press is subverting the facts.Those states are somewhat safe from the negative role of press and media where there are strict restrictions. Where there is free press,it is not free of prejudices. In fact it is the media which is the worst terrorist. Everywhere in the world It does not know the facts itself and propagate the western agenda. The so called legend journalists are exposed in the end working for some foreign agency or state. What is this press?

To parody a verse from W.H.Davies

What is this press if full of lies, it is poor press.


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