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Press Release from Project Islamic Sword

Updated on December 4, 2015

The Land of Kafir Infidels

As you know, we (American Muslims & the Islamic Brotherhood) had an amazing victory in the infidel and Zionist run state of California.

The state of California has some of the most hateful infidel culture in the land (it parades as both liberal and red-neck) and anyone that doesn't subscribe to this infidel culture is attacked by political harassing tech companies, law enforcement and silly little 'Brown Shirt' philanthropy groups along with the Hollywood/Media; some of which are funded by the Saudi Royal Family.

And this Ku Klux Klan of Infidels has nerve to accuse Muslims of being radicals?

Who are these infidels of the utmost shirk to take the life of any Muslim Brother that only wants to wage jihad, fight the good holy war fight and bring Islam to enlighten the land? One life of a Brother of Islam, is worth 20 lives of a dirty & cheap infidel.

The infidels push many things onto the Muslim within the United States. The American Infidels not only invade Allah's lands but they set up Babylonian Camps of shirk in the Mid East; while pushing their sodomy, drugs, decadent films/music and their corrupt 'Jew Jinn' financial system of usury onto the righteous Muslim.

The goal of the infidel is to disturb and disrupt the Aqidah of our Muslim Brothers. The American Kafir only wants to demonize and jinn-up a divide between Muslims and their wives by attacking the marriage of jihad, just as the U.S. Government's paranoid and nazi-like useless 'social control' attempts to destroy Christian House-holds via nazi tactics, which one finds operating in liberal urban areas & within racist tax-funded gay community groups.

On one hand the U.S. Justice Dept claims that they want to be the voice against racism for Muslims and minorities but on the other hand, it is this same U.S. Justice Dept that not only has attorneys, which are trained by Neo-Nazi FBI Members, in regards to so called 'radical Islamic Centers' , according to FBI reports on but these circles out of Washington D.C. are usually the Federal Arm, which reaches down into local & peaceful communities, simply to stir up problems for devoted Muslims of the Jihad via tyrannical tactics.

There can be no rights for the Kafir Infidels because our jihad is only a strategic reaction for ethnic & religious justice, against decades of systemic dismantling of Allah's lands.

The Kafir Muslims of Shirk, in parts of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the Kafir Apologist of Infidels Muslim Centers in the United States along with our misled Checehn Brother Kadyrov are all targets which will bring Islamic Rain and please Allah...if these targets are properly hit.

Project Islamic Sword


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