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Pressure for May Over Brexit.

Updated on January 25, 2019

Pressurised May.

Prime Minister May.
Prime Minister May. | Source

Plan B or should one say an amendment to the so-called 'Chequers Deal' will be presented before parliament shortly, for MP's to vote on. You may recall, the first plan agreed with the European Union was voted down by MP's on all sides.

To get support for her plan b as it were, Theresa May has been meeting representatives of political parties, union bosses and others. Despite all this, those who have met the Prime Minister said she is still not listening.

The main opposition party Labour, has not yet met with Theresa May or, rather, its incumbent leader has not. Jeremy Corbyn called the meetings "A stunt". Mr Corbyn made this clear at Prime Ministers Question Time on Wednesday also reiterating, that if no deal was not removed from May's plan, Mr Corbyn could not meet her. Theresa May for her part replied, that Mr Corbyn could meet Hamas, Hezbollah and the IRA with no pre-conditions, yet, he could not meet her over Brexit. Mr Corbyn replied that Mrs May's door might be open but inside were closed minds.

Theresa May has warned that not backing her plan b Brexit deal will lead to a number of scenarios.:

1) The UK could leave without a deal under WTO rules.

2) The UK might not leave the EU at all.

Both the Conservative and Labour parties are split over Brexit, between leavers and remainers. However, it appears the Conservatives, are the party with the biggest problem over this. Time and again when it comes to Labour, many including the Prime Minister herself, accuse Mr Corbyn, of having no real Brexit plan of his own apart from no deal and remaining in the customs union.

Top Conservatives ministers have been pressurising the Prime Minister to avoid no deal. For example, Chancellor Philip Hammond repeated his warning of leaving with no deal is not good. Also, Work and Pensions Secretary, Amber Rudd, would consider resigning if a 'no deal' Brexit came to pass on 29 March. Theresa May, though still leader of her party and Prime Minister, has been diminished in power. Notably, since the 2017 snap election which saw her majority in parliament slashed. She is in hoc to her coalition partners the DUP, leavers and remainers in her party and the opposition parties notably, Labour, who had a strong showing, at the 2017 general election.

Prime Minister May, for all the setbacks she has suffered over Brexit and other issues, seem to have the tenacity to stay in the game, She is battered and bruised yes, but she seems to get up and carry on. In her heart of hearts, she must know she cannot lead the Conservatives (she has even said so) into another general election, (or could she?) but she is determined it would appear, to stay the course until Brexit in one form or another is resolved.

Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the EU.
Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the EU. | Source

May's Plan B and all that.

It would appear that May's Plan B, as it has been called, is really Plan A again. Theresa May is hoping to get more concessions from the EU to help her with her Brexit deal. However, the European Union stated unequivocally that Theresa May is pretty much on her own. In other words, there is not much more they can do for her, which they stated once before, once the original Brexit plan was agreed with them.

It would appear her coalition partners, the DUP, are actually going to back the plan this time. It is possible parliament, may give the Prime Minister, more time to better prepare her deal for the vote, with or without the help of the EU.

Debating in parliament will carry on about her deal right up until 29 March. Then on that night, it is expected her plan b deal will be voted on again.

How many voters she can get to back her deal this time is unknown. Has she done enough to get more backers on board both her own party and others remains to be seen?

Should her so-called plan b fail again, one can only imagine what will happen next.


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