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Price Rise and Pandemonium in Parliament - Indian Politics.

Updated on February 16, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Politicians in Peoples House.

The Mess that Members of Parliament Make.

The way our Members of the parliament behave is the same as a class room where the lady teacher sits quite and doesn't through out the kids that make noise as their right to make in a place where they are sent with some responsibility of not only learning but behaving.

We watch on T V how the speaker sits smiling while the members of parliament elected by the people to represent them behave with other interest than the interest of the people who sent them there to solve their problems in a manner that is done with dignity and displeasure and not shout and disrupt the proceeding and adjourn the assembly for time to be wasted.They perhaps are not willing to do justice to their duty but behave like junglies in the august house seen on tv by millions.


1 ) To make their wife and kids watch how their papa is great in making a mess.

2 ) To be hero's in the eyes of illiterate masses who watch their man in action on TV.

3 ) To catch the media attention to be able to live long on stupid box.


1 ) Switch of the speakers and microphone.

2 ) Not to adjourn and waste money.

3 ) Watch the end of the session and allow anything to happen.

4 ) Change places with Deputy Speaker and rest alternatively.

5 ) Through out few members for the day.

6 ) Do not pay the person or persons who make all the noise.

W H A T H A P P E N S T H A N.

Nothing things will go smooth for quite a while and MP wont be paid.


What is that constitution doing any good to us now.


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