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Pride Sucks

Updated on September 18, 2014

Dwindling meanings

When you hear about a group talking up pride as part of their platform or notice a pride parade is going on, I bet you usually think it's related to gay pride. Especially over the last 10 years, the term "pride parade" and to a lesser extent "pride" in general has become more and more affiliated with homosexuality. This is unfortunate because, on it's own, pride has nothing to do with sexual orientation, race, or any identity. Pride doesn't need to be accompanied with another term, it can certainly stand on it's own like it sometimes still does. So if you insist on talking about gay pride, then please don't just say pride. But, pride can usually be felt along with some sort of accomplishment. However, being gay, or whatever the other social or political group is celebrating, shouldn't arouse feeling of pride anyway, as an identity is hardly a real accomplishment.

The right kind of pride

Aside from the meaning of the word pride, the proclamation or celebration of when and where pride is allowed is replete with double standards and gatekeeping. There's a simple philosophy with a high degree of integrity to have that would not exclude anyone. That is to just tolerate all pride of innate characteristics and leave it at that. That doesn't mean you have to like it or approve of it, it just means you don't want that expression completely suppressed. I'll even go one better and say that in order to stay consistent, you can say that you think all forms of that same pride are pointless and want it all suppressed. At least with both of those, there wouldn't be any glaring double standards. But as it is now, that is certainly not the case. We have people and groups that reserve public and possibly private pride for the causes and individuals they deem acceptable. I didn't know that openly bogarting an entire emotion is possible or wanted, but society is full of these kinds of stupidity.

Straight pride

We know that gay pride is allowed and even encouraged in many places. What about straight pride? Unfortunately, there is nothing but silence here. Maybe there aren't a lot of people that want to celebrate straight pride, so it just hasn't happened yet. I doubt that. There's is strong social pressure against anyone wanting to demonstrate any pride for being heterosexual. On the surface it seems very similar. They are both positive feelings and both for a sexual orientation. That's where it ends for me. I'm not going to say that because of historical factors and not being part of a majority gives gay pride and invincible cushion to fall back on as to how it's rationalized that it can exist and straight pride can't. That is outright hypocrisy, telling some people they are not allowed to show pride but these other people can. Maybe, just maybe these people see gay pride parades and all the happy people, and they are not gay themselves, but also want to join in on being happy about their own sexual orientation. As long as it's not about hurting other people, who cares if some people want celebrate? Just let them live their lives. Can't you just not like it without wanting it suppressed?


A big argument I hear about why straight pride isn't allowed is they think it is really a cover for hating or marginalizes gays. Well first off, unless they are actually saying or acting on that stuff themselves, you can't just label them that and have it stick in order to further your own agenda. Second, there are surely some of those bad apple kinds of people in every single group out there, so let's not do a complete guilt by association. I'm sure there's also some gay people in those parades that hate straight people. Same goes for white pride or male pride. Stop assuming those people have the worst intentions and the people on your "acceptable pride list" have the best intentions. But equality is equality, you don't get to tell someone else they can't have a parade or shouldn't feel pride but you can. It is very hypocritical if anyone ever claims they are striving for equality while at the same time saying someone else shouldn't be allowed to do something. That's called a power grab, and I take great pride in saying that it sucks.

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