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Prime Minister Modi's great achievements and success!

Updated on March 11, 2017

Greatest victory today!

The deft move by Prime Minister to clean economy!

Analysis and predictions do not always become true. The results of the five assembly elections in India are a clear example of the approximations of ‘exit poles’. Contrary to the expectations of exit polls, Modi government has swept the Uttar Pradesh State Assembly winning 324 out of 403 seats, the biggest ever in Indian elections. That too after demonetization policy announced on 8th October of last year! All political pundits have predicted negatively on the post demonetization era since almost all people have suffered in one way or other, especially the poor people in rural areas. But in spite of multifarious problems faced by the common man, people appreciated the noble idea behind the move. In fact, it was a biggest blow to black money hoarders and money launderers. Such big bulls in India faced the worst after announcement of demonetization of high value currencies in the denomination of Rs.1000/- and Rs.500/-. The government had given only four hours’ time till which time the above notes will be valid currency within India. But the holders of the currencies were allowed to deposit those currencies in Banks for a liberal two months period. With this move, the Prime Minister has tackled the unaccounted money held with hoarders since they had to deposit them in Banks which will reveal their identities as well as for income tax purposes. Those who could not comply with this rules stacked their excess wealth in many accounts surreptitious while the account holders have no idea about the huge credits in their accounts. The government noticed this flaw and started monitoring all such accounts where there are enormous deposits of money! Only during February middle, the ATM machines were able to deliver unlimited cash. Till such time, there was maximum limit of Rs.2000/ per day per card!

India has won!

Demonetization and aftermath!

Many restrictions were introduced for weekly cash withdrawals. Thus the government was able to tighten the cash flow in public space. To facilitate payment in large amounts, the government has permitted use of both credit and debit cards and cheques. During the above period, mobile wallet payments were encouraged and even a vegetable vendor has downloaded the application and enabled the customers to avail the mobile wallet facility for payments instead of cash! Moreover, the government could print only new notes in high value of Rs.2000/- This again created lot of troubles to the shop keepers to dispense the changes. Even Petrol bunks and hospitals were reluctant to accept the new notes in the plea that balance disposal was found difficult. Fortunately, government has started printing Rs.500/- as new currency. The situation has eased much now! With all this , the BJP was able to come out successfully in local body election in Mumbai as well as in the recently concluded Assembly elections! It is seen that all the results reveal one truth! In all the states that went into the elections, the incumbent governments lost the elections. Hence it is clear sweep for BJP in UttarPradesh and moderate win in Uttarakaund. The Indian National Congress however managed to win the Punjab state while in two small states; it maintained the lead over BJP.

His respect to Mother!

Modi is respected by many world leaders for his stern policies on removing corruption!

One thing seems very clear in this election. People are fed up with corruption and corrupt politicians. Nepotism and sycophancy has been dealt with in this election. There is over all cleansing of public space. I don’t deny that there are still 30% politicians who are not above board. In few years’ time, there is possibility of removing corruption from Indian political system. Both the election commission and the Supreme Court had come down heavily on corruption and the recent convictions by the Supreme Court reveal the mindset of authorities! Above all, the Prime Minister is focused on eliminating corruption in public life. Even his relatives are not given any special facilities or treatment. They are actually living in tight economic conditions and the Prime Minister is not inclined to help them unduly! Also the style of functioning of the Prime Minister attracts not only the people of India but many foreign dignitaries, Presidents and Prime Minister Respect Modi for his statesmanship and bold views. It is pertinent to note that the PM is working for more than 18 hours a day and he hardly sleeps for five hours at the maximum. He is a strict vegetarian, observes fast during Hindu festivals and he has great respect for saints and sages of yore! He believes in hard work and honesty! It is natural that such a man is respected by the people of India and he has a great following among all communities. Also, in the world scenario, India has gained much respect. Hence it is purely the policies adopted by Modi which fetched him laurels in public elections! With Modi in the helm of affairs, India will truly gain a prominent position in world scenario. Even the economy is slowly recovering in spite of global volatile conditions!

Modi's charisma!

India has one true leader finally in the recent past!

Do you subscribe to the PM's efforts to root out corruption?

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