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Prince Charles of wales and Camilla are attacked in the royal car - peaceful student protests?

Updated on June 27, 2012

prince charles royals attacked protests

prince Charles and Camilla the prince of Wales attacked in his royal car by student protesters
prince Charles and Camilla the prince of Wales attacked in his royal car by student protesters | Source

The sometime peaceful protests about the rises in the Uk university fees have reached a new level with the prince of wales, prince charles being attacked by student protestors in central London. The royal car was kicked, and objects where thrown, and the window smashed.

Prince Charles was travelling with his mistress the duchess of corrnwall.
She cowered in fear as they drove past the angry students who are unhappy about the university fee hike being proposed by the government.

Off with their heads?

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Protest violence

So the question about the level of violence being conducted by the protestors has reached a new height. Although most of the protestors are everyday university or college students, they are joined by working people, young children, and also masked anarchists.

The Police react to the most dangerous element, so everyone is treated heavy handed.

Although the crowds have been criticise, the government had forced a policy through that will see the fees of university students rise as much as £9000

Lack of communication

The metropolitan police have now been criticised for not being able to organise communication properly between themselves and the special police.

At one point the duchess of Cornwall was right beside an open window, and once it became clear that chants "off with their heads" was starting to drum up a huge amount of anger, and Camilla was spotted wetting herself in fear. 


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