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Who says Prince William should be next King after reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Prince Charles to be bypassed?

Updated on February 14, 2016

A happy Royal Family

William and Kate. True happiness to both.
William and Kate. True happiness to both.
Let this father and son stay united
Let this father and son stay united
Stop distressing The Queen
Stop distressing The Queen

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United States.

Standing up for Prince Charles. The lawful successor. Before Prince William.

While most people in the United Kingdom, and throughout the sixteen other realms reigned over by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, will rejoice at the marriage of Prince William to Kate Middleton, a poll in one of the newspapers, (The News of The World) indicating that, Prince Charles, the current Prince of Wales ought to step aside from his position as heir to the throne, and make way for the direct succession of Prince William, on the death of The Queen, can only give disquiet to those of us who are devoted to the monarchy, and want it to continue in the way that history, and historic right dictates.

The notion that the throne should skip a generation, and that Prince William should be the next King, is not just insulting to Prince Charles, who has done a lot for his country, through such institutions as The Princes Trust, but it also undermines the very point of the monarchy, which is that a soveriegn reigns until death, and is then succeeded by their lawful successor. Prince William will get his turn when it comes round. No other way is right. While we accept the institution of monarchy, we should be prepared to also accept how it works. Ancient institutions should never change their fundamentals in response to anything as ephemeral as a newspaper poll. The strength of the monarchy lies in it being the symbol of continuity in an ever changing world. If we are going to meddle with how it operates we might as well get rid of it altogether. Then we can look forward to having such stalwarts as Gordon Brown, John Prescott, or Cherie Blair as our Head of State.

Another problem with this poll is that it might be used to drive a wedge between father and son. Prince Charles is a devoted father, with a very good relationship with his sons. Both William And Harry have had to cope with the loss of their beloved mother. The last thing that is needed, when William has just tied the knot with a girl that will, please God, bring him happiness for the rest of his life, is to have people trying to stir up tensions with his beloved father. It is not likely to bring happiness to the declining years of The Queen either, to see that sections in the media are trying to destabilise the succession in an institution that she has spent her life serving.

So I say to those who answered the questionnaire in the newspaper.

"Stop disrespecting a man who has worked hard for this country all his life".

“Stop trying to drive a wedge between a father and his eldest son".

And finally

"All this controversy can only serve to distress Her Majesty the Queen, who definitely doesn’t need or deserve the grief when she is marking sixty glorious years of fulltime devotion to our country".

My final wish is that the recent splendid wedding, will not only bring lasting happiness to the bride and groom, but that it will serve to unite the country in celebration of an institution, and a family, that have worked tirelessly for this country for many generations.

God Save the Queen and her lawful successors.

Don't ruin this happy family.

Poll on succession to the throne.

Who should be next King, Charles or William?

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