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Prince Charles on Architecture

Updated on September 7, 2014

Prince Charles and the world of Architecture

Prince Charles has made very public comment on Architects and Architecture and their impact on the built environment. He also sponsors the educational charity The Prince's Foundation for the Built Environment. The world of architecture has also been commenting on Prince Charles and his influence with Poundbury, the former Chelsea Barracks site and around Wren's St Paul's.

Quotations around Prince Charles and Architecture


"We are careful not to allow it to be seen as seeking... imprimatur"

Hank Dittmar, Prince's Foundation.


"He should not give advice as it distorts the planning process"

Sunand Prasad, Riba.

"intervention wasn't appropriate and we declined the offer"

Mike Hussey of Land Securities when Prince Charles sugested that they didn't use the Paris based designer Nouvel for a site alongside St Pauls Cathedral .

The Prince's Foundation for the Built Environment

This is an educational charity sponsored by HRH The Prince of Wales. Their aim is

"to improve the quality of people's lives by teaching and practising timeless and ecological ways of planning, designing and building".

Much of their teaching and practice is based around the experimental Poundbury community in Dorset.

The Prince's Foundation for the Built Environment website.

Poundbury - not quite live

Good idea, bad implementation, would you like to live there? The video below shows a community with virtually no one on the streets.

Pondbury Dorset

What are your thoughts on Poundbury?

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