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Princess Charlotte's Economy Boost Is Greater Than Prince George's

Updated on January 1, 2017
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British Economy

Almost every time Kate Middleton wears something, her outfit sells out in minutes. When people buy what royalty wears, it boosts the economy. Do you remember when Prince George wore a white robe when greeting President Obama a few months ago? Lots of parents wanted a robe just like that for their little tots. The economy got a big boost just because of what Prince George was wearing for a short time on that particular night.

Both children of Prince William and Kate Middleton boosted the British economy, but Princess Charlotte will contribute more to the economy than Prince George will.

Prince William and Kate Middleton leave hospital with firstborn in 2011.
Prince William and Kate Middleton leave hospital with firstborn in 2011. | Source
Prince George
Prince George | Source

Prince George's Economy Boost

Soon after Prince George was born on July 23, 2013, British economy got a big boost because he was the couple's first child. Everything the baby wore was sold out immediately which brought in money for the British economy.

What the baby was wearing when he left the hospital in his mother's arm caused parents around the world to rush out to purchase the swaddle the baby was snuggled up in. Within four hours, the website of the swaddle maker crashed. In just nine days, the New York company received over 7,000 orders from parents who wanted to purchase that item.

The second child's boost was smaller at birth than her older brother. However, it will increase as Princess Charlotte grows and wears more clothes. Prince George’s economic contribution will be about $3.4 billion throughout the course of his lifetime. His sister's contribution will be much more.

Prince George's economy boost is high indeed. However, there is a good reason his contribution is not as high as his sister's. Boys' fashion is just not as big of an industry as girls' and women's. Therefore, Charlotte's boost to the economy involves more businesses than her brother's.

Princess Charlotte's Economy Boost

Princess Charlotte was born on May 2, 2015. She is surpassing her older brother in boosting the British economy. So far, Princess Charlotte's contribution to the British economy is predicted to be $4.5 billion during her lifetime. Princess Charlotte's selling power might one day be equal to or even surpass the selling power of her mother, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Many things are considered other than the little girl's outfits. Hair, makeup, and accessories add to Princess Charlotte's contribution to the economy. That little bow that is often seen in Princess Charlotte's hair adds to the economy when parents purchase a bow just like if for their daughters.

Princess Charlotte
Princess Charlotte | Source

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