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Prisoners of Big Brother without Knowing It.

Updated on April 27, 2012



Does Anyone Know Or Care?

We are now being monitored 24/7 by various means: Everyone of us!

When I was leaving home as a young man, my parents gave me some advice. I am just about to break that advice for the first time. My father advised me not to talk to people about Money, Sex, Religion or Politics. My mother told me to be sure to wear a clean shirt everyday!

Yes, this Hub is going to be political. I am not a political person. In my experience there is little difference between any of the major parties. It's always one step forward and two steps back. Cynical yes and for good reasons so far as I can see. Usually I keep as wide a distance as possible between myself and controversy. However, it is becoming more difficult to ignore the constant intrusions being forced upon everyone of us.


SOPA & CISPA are the threat to our Privacy, Human Rights & Freedom of Speech.

These two bills are both attempts by the government to impose control on the internet. Whereas SOPA was intended to prosecute, CISPA is to be used to spy on us all 24/7. SOPA was denounced by many of the major internet giants, but now they are supporting this even more dangerous CISPA.

Here are some of the supporters:



CTIA - The Wireless Association

Cyber, Space & Intelligence Association



Independent Telephone & Telecommunications Alliance

Information Technology Industry Council


Internet Security Alliance

Lockheed Martin


National Cable & Telecommunications Association




US Telecom - The Broadband Association


That is far from the complete list. They are all supporting the result of today's vote which has been passed.

If you have the time or are brave enough then take a look at dear Amy Goodman on Democracy Now, one of the few independent news media . . .

Democracy Now - Independent Media Channel

CISPA, Surveillance & the "Militarization of Cyberspace"

Whatever the USA wants It Gets!

Whatever the USA wants it gets. Pretty soon we will become just a suburb of the USA. In the UK our government just rolls over everytime. We now can be extradited to the USA without any charges being proven in a UK court. All details of our air travel in Europe and elsewhere is automatically forwarded to USA government agencies all in the name of security. It is out of control!

Have we completely lost our senses to this constant fear campaign about terrorism.

Various government agencies can now spy on our every move. Every email, phone call, and internet entry is being monitored and stored by most of the major websites for years to come. It is all very well to say if you got nothing to hide why worry. The worry is that anyone anywhere can be arrested without reason being given and held without trial indefinitely.

Seems the freedoms our forefathers fought and died for in past generations are now lost. We are too apathetic to keep ourselves informed about what is happening in our names. The standard of journalism and news media are in the pockets of the multi nationals. Matters have now past the tipping point. Nobody wants to rock the sinking boat.

Furthermore, since when does the Internet belong to America? The Internet is an international network that belongs to nobody and is used by everybody. There can be no justification for one country to impose its muscle to control the world wide web. Wrong doers can be prosecuted and punished if proven guilty, but why should the rest of us be spied upon 24/7 with no knowledge of where or why are private details are being used.




We have been warned about pollution, climate change, corruption yet nothing gets done. Governments are only looking at the next election and their own vested interests.

The majority of us who make up the 99% are not only being squeezed into economic slavery, we are also about to vanish without trace for speaking out about these serious matters that affect us all.

Am I being cynical? Well yes I guess I am.




Yes, I remember my parents very sound advice, but one can't just talk about the weather when a monsoon is approaching or we are sitting in the eye of the storm. So I hope readers will not mistake my intentions for raising this topic. In my opinion I feel we need to turn ourselves from being the silent majority and to make our voices heard loud and clear. There is nothing to fear but fear itself.

Do we want our taxes to be spent on more and more of the military systems and non winnable wars, sending our young people into harm's way for all the wrong reasons?

Whoever gets elected, it will be more of the same unless we all get organised and roll back these invasion of our Privacy, Human Rights and Freedoom of Speech.

Oh, yes. I am still wearing a clean shirt everyday!


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    • Born2care2001 profile image

      Rev Bruce S Noll HMN 

      6 years ago from Asheville NC

      Hi Christollesseb,

      You would think we had better, more productive things to do with our time and lives! I appreciate this hub's info, it gives me great pause for thought!

    • Born2care2001 profile image

      Rev Bruce S Noll HMN 

      6 years ago from Asheville NC

      Hi Christollesseb,

      You would think we had better, more productive things to do with our time and lives! I appreciate this hub's info, it gives me great pause for thought!

    • Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

      Wesman Todd Shaw 

      6 years ago from Kaufman, Texas

      Very good - thanks for spreading awareness.

    • clairemy profile image


      6 years ago

      My goodness,I know the UK was called a nanny state before I left to live in Italy, and then that it was also under USA's thumb come the Iraq conflict, but things are getting worse there. May be its time for revolution in the UK?. Or is that question going to get me in a whole load of trouble?:)) And no you are not being cynical. With all I have witnessed in recent years ,no way!


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