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Privatized World Government

Updated on January 14, 2015

Behind Locked doors

Secrecy for the Corporatocracy

What is the TPP?

Trans-Pacific-Patnership is what TPP stands for. My problem with what is going on with this partnership arrangement is the cloud of secrecy. Why can’t we have transparency here in our home of the free and land of the brave?

It appears that several financial-political-corporate establishments are behind keeping the details secret from the public eye. According to Jim Hightower in his publication “The Hightower Lowdown”, for the last six years “this corporate deal has been kept behind doors that have been locked, bolted shut, sealed in plastic wrap, and shrouded in a dense fog of official secrecy.”


The Communications Workers of America call the TPP :”NAFTA on steroids.” (1) They say this agreement is going to be the largest trade agreement in our history. Countries besides the United States that are involved include Australia, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam. According to the Communications Workers of America this is 38% of the total global economic activity.

The worst part is many members of Congress are trying to rush it through becoming a law. Again according to the Communications Workers of America 600 Corporate advisors including Verizon and Wal-Mart have been given access to the negotiating texts.

What about you and I? We won’t find out about it for FOUR YEARS after the talks have been concluded or a deal has been reached. No, the public doesn’t need to know.


Several people on the side of humanity have leaked information out about what the TPP is all about. It doesn’t look good. The goal seems to be to make the world safe for corporate investments and profits. Workers, consumers, the environment are ignored and no one is looking at how it affects our desire to become a democracy.

According to the leaks they will reduce labor costs and undercut workers’ rights; dismantle labor, environmental, health and financial laws and regulation if they impact profits; and set up a process for resolving disputes by a special international tribunal; ignoring our own court system.

Now I seem to remember, when Obama was campaigning he promised more transparency in what is going on. Maybe we do have a little more transparency, but why is the public not aware of these negotiations?

Statistics show that "world poverty rates have fallen by 80% from 0.268 in 1970 to 0.054 in 2006. The corresponding total number of poor has fallen from 403 million in 1970 to 152 million in 2006… measures of global welfare increased by somewhere between 128% and 145%.” [2].

This means globalization had improve nearly everyones standard of living, but why the lack of transparency? Corporations have too much power in my book. What do you think?



Is Transparency possible?

Can we get congress to make the negotiations transparent?

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