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Pro-Europeanism v Atlanticism

Updated on February 17, 2015

I say no to the EU and yes to the Atlantic

Discussions regarding the European Union and Britain's relationship are hardly few and far between. Everywhere you look, you find opinion polls, political campaigns, televised debates and pub and street conversations about it. The usual mumbo-jumbo relates to how some see it as a long-term advantage, while others want immediate change or full-time departure. The overly-used, supermasticated arguments, however, don't take in all the relevant information; they lack substance and, frankly, it's old news.

Why not look at it all from a different perspective? Why not see it as a wholly geopolitical matter, where the fundemental core is whether we think our interests lie eastwards, westwards or any other 'wards' for that matter. Instead of either praising or machine-gunning people's obsessive view on Europe, let's simply use this debate as a means to clarify a grander picture: where should our interests lie? Is it time to boost up our Atlantic relationship to the detriment of our European relationship, or vice versa?

Personally, although I don't think many of you will take my opinion on board, we should be redirecting our long-term vision to the Atlantic, mainly the United States and co., and ensure our interests collide. A stronger NATO will give us the military back-up we crave and a more comprehensive and substantial redefinement of our UK-US relationship will fill the vacuum power of influence we need on the multilateral level (an argument, incidentally, consumed by pro-Europeans to demonstrate why Britain needs to be more integrated in the EU).

Insofar as the EU protects our trading interests and gives us a foot inside the door - a door that metaphorically speaking has the potential to be grander and more majestic -, it also makes us dependent upon an organization which, in all honesty, has not exactly lived up to its standards in recent times. It makes us narrow-minded, forced by suits in Brussels and the like to believe in an ideology which my country could not be more dissimilar to. And the rare times we do express anxiety and maybe contempt, we get drafted and insulted at by the other peoples of Europe! If any of you have travelled around Europe and the US, needless to say you will most likely have experienced the contrast between how our European and American friends are treating us: where our European friends are amicable and respectful, the Americans are extremely amicable and respectful; the latter truly appreciates the Brits and sees us as a special partner, regardless whether the balance of power tilts to one side rather than the other. America is a place Britain is welcomed at, in a way, I'm afraid, is not true about continental Europe. Yes we could make an effort, and yes we could be more open to European integration, but fundamentally the difference is that in the United States we have a natural partner, whereas in Europe it is a matter of continued bargaining and compromise.

Britain is a country loved by the peoples of Europe, don't get me wrong. London is one of the world's leading tourism destinations and our cities are home to countless communities from both within and outside continental Europe. Having said this, our continued membership of the EU is impairing what was before an impeccable image of Britain. The arguments put forward by our politicans are deemed as disrespectful, distasteful and basically against the view of Brussels. Well then, I say loudly and proudly: "Let them get on with it, because I say no to the EU and yes to the Atlantic".

Pro-European v Atlanticism

Do you consider Atlanticism as a viable replacement of the European Union for the UK?

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Our interests lie with the US and NATO
Our interests lie with the European Union


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