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Pro-Hillary Protester Lights Pro-Trump Girl's Hair on Fire (Photos)

Updated on January 23, 2017

In a shocking moment on inauguration day in Washington DC, as pro-Trump and pro-Hillary protesters squared off, a Hillary protester clandestinely lit a woman's hair on fire who had her back turned and was wearing a blue "MAGA" hat. The pro-Trump protesters were taking pictures of each other in front of signs held by the pro-Hillary faction and posing with their MAGA hats.

As the brown-haired woman smiles into her friend's camera and points at her hat, an unseen hand reaches out and lights the bottom part of her long hair, with the woman unaware of what is happening. Before the dangerous prank turns to tragedy a sharp-eyed young man on the Hillary side sees the fire and brushes it out, to the shock of the woman.

The action was caught on iPhone and posted at the Youtube channel of Daniel and Geneva Ledon. A freeze frame photo essay below shows the sequence of events.

Hair can burn particularly fast, especially very fine hair with perhaps hair product on it. Such "pranks" have been known to cause serious burns. At a Brooklyn High School a girl once suffered severe third degree burns on her scalp, ear and neck when a boy set her hair on fire.

White arrow point to start of flame and smoke.
White arrow point to start of flame and smoke.
Flame and smoke continue.
Flame and smoke continue.
Young man brushes out fire.
Young man brushes out fire.

VIDEO: Incident starts at 1:10


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    • Carolyn M Fields profile image

      Carolyn Fields 11 months ago from South Dakota, USA

      Do you happen to know if charges were filed against the perpetrator? This shows how far we (as a society) have strayed from the norms of civility and compassion. So sad.