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American Holocaust/Pro-Life Argument

Updated on January 26, 2014

Ray Comfort/ 180 video

Ultrasound Informed Consent Act

While those that oppose the Ultrasound Informed Consent Act claim that this act is bad for women, the truth is that it's really only bad for the abortion industry. 90% of women who view their baby in the womb via ultrasound reject an abortion and choose life for their baby. They can no longer accept the propaganda that this is simply a blob of human tissue. This is good for women in that they won't subject themselves to the emotional and psychological traumas that come after killing your own baby. Depression, suicide, drug abuse, early death and many other negative effects are all increased after abortion.

It's also good for the babies, who get to experience life! The truth hurts, but it only hurts the abortion industry, by limiting their slaughter of the innocent babies that they profit by.

Thanks to liberal funding for abortions clinics, it has been a record year for abortions in America, almost 334,000 at Planned Parenthood. This is probably due in part to more federal funding of $524 million taxpayer dollars going to fund this non-profit agency. Read more at

Abortion Clinics That Slaughter Minority Children

Gosnell's House of Horrors Not Uncommon!

While liberal mainstream media outlets basically ignored the horrors of Gosnell's murder trial last year for killing children outside of the womb at an abortion clinic in Philadelphia, more clinic horror stories are surfacing. Liberal media doesn't want to disclose the truth about this horrific industry and be accused of limiting abortion rights.

The above video by Life Dynamics Inc. demonstrates that slaughtering babies after they are born is a common practice at clinics in the Denton, Texas area.

Abortion proponents insist that this issue is about a woman's right to choose, yet planned parenthood seems to endorse killing infants born before the "doctor" can terminate them. The issue is really about getting rid of mostly minority children and maintaining the billion dollar industry that they created by offering these services.

Just as the injustice of slavery was overturned and a shameful part in America's past, abortion mills and practices will one day be viewed as barbaric.

Fetus or Human Being

A pregnant woman with either a human baby or a fetus inside?
A pregnant woman with either a human baby or a fetus inside? | Source
A baby is always what comes out, when an abortion is not chosen.
A baby is always what comes out, when an abortion is not chosen. | Source
Those who have spoken out against the billion dollar abortion industry have been persecuted for their stands, even while following protest laws.
Those who have spoken out against the billion dollar abortion industry have been persecuted for their stands, even while following protest laws. | Source
Our current administration and those who curry the favor of the abortion industies insist on continuing the slaughter of unborn babies without limits. 53 million killed in America!
Our current administration and those who curry the favor of the abortion industies insist on continuing the slaughter of unborn babies without limits. 53 million killed in America! | Source

It's Time to Stop the American Holocaust

This Is Not an Attack on Women Who Have Had an Abortion!

I do empathize with those who have chosen to abort a baby, this is not meant to be an attack on men or women who chose to abort a baby. I also made that decision early in life, and after much soul-searching came to the realization that I had been lied to and made a very wrong choice with dire consequences. So I'm not here to condemn anyone for making a similar choice, neither am I about to condone this choice.

The consequences of choosing to have an abortion continue to burden many women for years to come! Statistics on the after affects of having an abortion show that these women face higher rates of suicide, mental health issues, early death rates, and higher rates of cancer and heart disease. 56% of these women are burdened with guilt from making "this choice."

It seems that the conscience doesn't accept the lies used to justify the act of abortion, even though we may logically use the propaganda to rationalize our decision. Lies have always been used to train people to accept and to carry out actions that would otherwise be unacceptable. Look at how propaganda was used in Nazi Germany to destroy millions in the Holocaust of Jews in the video 180.

Through propaganda, Hitler used Russian soldiers to carry out a campaign of genocide on the Jews, Gypsies, Christians, and others who didn't agree with their radical ideas or didn't fit the racial profile. This was also used to silence the opposition through terror and murder! Let's not forget that Hitler was an elected official and had the support of the German people.

Reject the Lies of Propaganda!

While we've been indoctrinated with so much propaganda through the years, lies perpetrated by schools, government, the media, family, even churches. It's time to re-examine the beliefs that are the basis for our decision making, to have our beliefs grounded in truth.

Years of our school's teaching that we are nothing more than animals that have evolved to a higher level has had a devastating effect on our reality and lives. Just as Hitler's propaganda machine worked tirelessly to show the Aryan race as superior and to dehumanize the Jews, blacks, and other races ended in a holocaust of destruction of these fellow human beings.

So also, the continued teaching of evolution and the dehumanizing of unborn babies has resulted in the destruction of more than 55 million lives of unborn babies in America alone. Now the eugenicists are advocating not calling a new born baby a human until sometime after birth, to allow for after birth abortions or exterminations.

Why is it, that if you destroy a bald eagle or sea turtle egg, you can end up sentenced to time in Federal Prison, but you can abort a human baby at almost any time before it's born?

The same logic that these are unwanted and not viable to live without help can be used as justification to kill the elderly, invalids, handicapped, orphans, and others deemed unwanted or unfit for society!

Civil Rights has made great strides in this country, but only after those who saw themselves as superior to blacks, American Indians, the Japanese during WW2, Mormons, and others had inflicted grievous injustices to them and many people exterminated. It is time for Americans to stand up to call for the end of the destruction of the unborn Americans in the womb. A killing of the innocent just because they have no voice try cry out for themselves!

Just as they called Jews, blacks, Chinese, Asians, Muslims, unborn babies, and the list go on, derogatory names to deny their humanity. Babies are referred to as a blob of flesh or fetuses in the same manner.

All this propaganda against the humanity of the unborn is for those profiteers to continue to rake in billions through their slaughter mills. Just look below at the verification for it being a baby, instead of only being a fetus done by a former abortionist at Silent Scream.

(Children should not watch this; very graphic violence is portrayed)

This video Silent Scream is what inspired my poem of the place in between.

A Life Unlived, Questions Remain

My life is just right, so secure and comfortable;

Temperatures are always perfectly warm.

Rays of sunshine radiating their warmth,

Without ever scorching my skin or overheating me;

As if through a filter that is unseen.

The food that sustains my existence,

Seems to come into my very being by magic.

I feel myself growing stronger and healthier

Each day as if I’m growing into something that I can’t even imagine.

The world seems to encapsulate me in a warm cocoon,

Away from a more dangerous place just beyond reach.

I wonder why I can’t see what’s around me,

Am I blind, or are my eyes closed to things I would rather not see?

I hear things, a lot of which I can barely make out;

As if the sounds are muted through pools of water.

There’s music and words that raise emotions,

That I have yet to understand.

Yet, I feel loved in this place so nurturing.

Not knowing where I am doesn’t concern me;

Since I’m right where I’m meant to be.

Though I feel that a journey to new places is coming soon.

I’m comforted by the thought that I don’t need to worry,

About that or anything, everything I need is here, provided for me.

Someone must be taking care of me, although my concept of others is illusive,

As there is only me and my well-being.

I rest in this fact of my security, not knowing anything to be afraid of.

My arms and legs stretch for exercise, reaching the limits of my environment.

A warm presence seems to push against me in response,

Touching me in a way that feels so loving.

Where that came from I don’t have a clue!?!

All I seem to know is of my own existence.

Suddenly, there’s a major change as I feel that my whole world’s about to end.

Suddenly, the warm fluid that surrounds me disappears.

My protective place becomes a cell that closes in on me.

Cold metallic instruments probe to locate me,

Their very touch suggests imminent danger!

I sense rather than hear a great suction,

These instincts tells me is meant to destroy me!

I kick at this object and try to pull away to no avail,

I open my mouth to cry out for help,

My silent scream has no voice, no one hears.

This foreign intruder pulls at my feet,

With such force that I can’t resist it.

Is this what is meant for me?

My feet and legs can’t fight this anymore,

Being ripped violently from my body.

This new sensation of intense pain overwhelms me;

I try to scream again as my torso and arms are torn,

Being sucked away by this hungry uncaring beast.

My silent scream fades as my life leaves.

No more pain as my spirit floats out of my body,

Leaving what would have been the birth canal,

Leave my spirit to hover near the ceiling lights.

I look down to the woman, who might have been my mother,

Yet brought me here to this place of destruction.

I watch as the doctor reaches inside her,

With a tool to crush my head so that they can suck,

All my bright red remains into the garbage.

I’m left to wonder what will become of me.

When a brilliant angel appears at my side.

Without a word he informs me that he is here,

To usher me into the presence of the living God.

All the questions of my short existence and demise,

Will be revealed to me in a place with no more tears, pain, or sorrow.

I wonder if things may have been different,

If only that woman had known that I was truly human;

Her son with my own life to be lived.

If she only knew the truth, things may have turned out better.

Thanks Kim for your honesty!

Abortion poll

When is it alright to kill a baby in the womb?

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The Propaganda of defending Abortion practices!

In response to several instances of doctors or medical personal casting babies aside to die uncared for after botched partial birth abortions, a bill was introduced to the Illinois legislature to force medical personal to treat these babies. While Obama is still trying to twist the facts as he faces a tight race for re-election, the facts are quite clear in his remarks that come from:

These transcripts from Illinois legislature on April 4, 2004 found on pages 32-34, show Obama's comments to be ill-informed as to why this legislation was brought about to begin with. This shows Chicago politics at work again, as the facts are irrelevant as Obama defends his voting record and "his benefactors" in the abortion industry.

The powers that be wouldn't want a baby to live through a botched abortion, just because he came out too quick for the abortion doctor to suck his brains out. The "doctor" may have to "protect and preserve" life according to the oath he took. Now we are supposed to want the healthcare that this president and doctors trained to kill deem are in our best interests.


Rand Paul calls for Pro-Life support


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    • WillStarr profile image

      WillStarr 5 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      Absolute chilling, because it's so accurate and so horribly true. We are murdering our own children for convenience and stubborn ideology.