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Proactive Memory Erasure: How to Avoid It

Updated on March 29, 2011

Memory Erasure: How to Avoid It

We are all having our past lives constantly deleted and re-written. I've found myself struggling to recall what it felt like to be alive before the scourge of electronic harassment. Sometimes, the intensity of the electronic harassment causes me to forget ideas I'm trying to remember. Whenever I visit my daughter, she tells me that she has to try really hard to remember my visits. This is one way this "invisible government" has taken over so quickly: it not only re-educates, it erases memories.

This mostly comes in through the ears, so do not leave your mind open to that constant high-pitched ringing sound. If necessary, listen exclusively for the slower frequency. It takes an effort to hear it over the chaotic, stressful sound of the faster one. Now there is something very interesting about the MEANS by which our memories are being stolen from us. It's as though they put in mental roadblocks to thinking something. The memories can be re-attained if you take something that inhibits short-term learning. What is going IN is CONTINUOUSLY BLOCKING our former memories and replacing US with itself. This is why people often act almost robotically. They have been slowly undone and deleted from their own minds. I myself with the exception of very prominent memories often feel that I am snipped off from each day of my past.

Now, I am very sensitive to most medication. I mistakenly took an excessive dose of Dextromethorphan for a persistent cough and noticed many strange things. For one thing, I was capable of remembering things I hadn't thought of in years. They just came pouring in. It is my opinion that we as Americans are being forced to "learn to forget" our past lives so that we can be re-educated. The good news is that by INHIBITING OUR RE-EDUCATION, we can get a lot of these memories back. Furthermore, we can begin to build personalities which are resistant to these attempts to render us "Tabula Rasa" (clean slate) for re-programming.

Now, don't do anything rash. You can listen to loud music to essentially shut them out. You can push them out of the present with meds like Zoloft and Clonopin. You can also refuse to understand the constant stream of psychic junk we are being force-fed. The stalkers have a saying "You can't fix stupid". Well, I don't know about you - but I'd rather be willfully ignorant of something designed to erase me and re-program me than become the "too perfect missing somethings" I see all around me. They don't: talk, walk or act normal and I don't want what they have.

You can also constantly think thoughts of your own. This will prevent them from etching themselves on your mind. Singing a song to yourself in your mind also works wonders for keeping them out. They will call this "chatter", I call it retaining my individual personality. Their thought-patterns are not even human, they are programs which have replaced their individual personalities. Remember that by going Christian you get to retain your own personality while making improvements in yourself with the help of the slower frequency. It's a sure bet when it comes to saving your soul and perhaps your life as well. I'm a habitual sinner, so for all those less-than-perfect people - here's some advice you can use to STAY YOU. I sincerely miss the way people used to be.

So, in a sense: Ignorance truly CAN be strength. I will myself to think like a small child who knows absolutely nothing about the world, which really helps. I've even pretended to myself that I was mentally retarded on several occassions to avoid programming. You can also think NOTHING while thinking of yourself as nothing. It's pretty hard to program someone who refuses to think ANYTHING. Thinking that you are "insane" helps you in that you cannot really program someone who IS. Their thoughts are too chaotic and random to put one thing together with anything else. Combine these strategies and we can throw a monkey-wrench into the heartless machine that seeks to devour our souls.


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