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Problem of e-garbage

Updated on May 25, 2012

E-garbage, An Increasing Danger of Future

Now days, we are in the era of the modern technology. Everyone is using the Mobiles, laptops, iPods, CDs, DVDs, and Computers etc. daily. These all items are made of the metals plus synthetic materials with containing maximum portion of the synthetic materials. When these items become unrepairable or useless & damaged, then these are simply thrown here & there. This damaged part is called as e-garbage. The synthetic materials use polymers. These polymers are not destroyed and remain for long live.

Problems caused by e-Garbage

By mixing with the soil, water and air the e-garbage becomes harmful for our health and it is the invitation for a lot of deceases for us. Because of after mixing with soil, water and air it generates the harmful elements like Lead, Cadmium, Zinc, Silicon etc. with the chemical reaction with these. These elements are very harmful for our body. These elements affect our body and can be cause of major deceases like cancer, cardiac problems, lever related problems etc.

How to Control ?

We know that in our daily life the use of the polymers is increasing and this e-garbage may destroy our peace which is very much required in this very fast running life. Today we have necessarily kept these three very essential things PC, Mobiles and Vehicles. The advantage and disadvantage of each is a different matter. There is approximate 4 million ton of e-garbage in the world. To potent it, recycling is necessary. But the e-garbage can be recycled only 15-20 percent to reuse and rest remains as it is. It is therefore very necessary for us and for better environment that this e-garbage may be recycled as maximum it can be done. So that the environment can be saved.

We also can an effort to minimize the use of the polymers so that we can save our self from the upcoming danger somewhat away. We must take action of beginning and to motivate others to do so by telling them the advantage & disadvantage of these dangerous materials.


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