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Problems I find Wth the Catholic Church

Updated on January 13, 2016

The Catholic Church has for a long time had a lot of problems from the sex scandals, corruption, politics, education and many more issues that have always brought heated arguments and questions about the church.

To begin with, the claims that the Catholic Church clergy put forward about the church being egalitarian are refuted. First the Catholic Church does not have or has never had a woman for a pope. There has never been a black pope, or a gay one, or anything else rather than a conservative white man for a pope. It is indeed clear that only white men go up the ladder in the hierarchy of the Catholic Church. This is enough evidence that the Catholic Church is discriminatory and hierarchical. The followers of catholic are referred merely by their names while the pope is called “Supreme Pontiff” or “His Holiness”. It would be very difficult finding a more hierarchical system that this, of course apart from the military. The Catholic Church attacked gay marriage legalization by referendum and called it a “defeat of humanity”. The church congratulated all the members who followed the advice of their bishops and priests and opposed marriage between people of the same sex. This means the church has always wanted the members to follow the orders of the clergy

In terms of education, almost 90 percent of schools in the USA are owned and run by this church. Some of these schools even set their admission criteria to benefit catholic kids’ more than unbaptized children. The same church had abused more than 30,000 kids both sexually and physically by 1999, as the Ryan report suggest. This has been referred to by the amnesty international as the “the most systematic and gravest violation of human rights in the United States history”. The clergy has also been found to abuse children in ways one cannot even begin to comprehend. There is detailed report of the clergy beating the children while hanging from walls on hooks, flogging them, burning them, set upon by dogs, or hosing them down by cold water then beating them.

Sexual abuse in the church is another issue which apparently is believed to be the biggest problem facing the church. Nuns, women, and young boys have been accused in one way or the other including being penetrated by objects, oral and anal rape, vaginal, rape, kissing, fondling or forced masturbation among many other forms of sexual abuse. Religious leaders did nothing to prevent these things from happening. Instead, they went to great lengths to protect the priests and the reputation of the church. There is also evidence to suggest that the abused were mainly of working class and none from upper or middle class origins, another proof about the church not being egalitarian

In essence, even though the priests and nuns of the church take vows of obedience and chastity among others, very few of these are really kept because there is corruption in almost every Catholic Church worldwide. Priests have children and keep them a secret. In fact, the main reason why the United States of America did advocate for the separation of the state and the church is because the church has for some time worked with politicians and or kings and helped them get their way. Church authorities have been noticed meddling in secular politics to get results that favor the church. All these and much more that have not been mentioned are the problems with the Catholic Church.


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