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Problems in Haryana – Will the government be able to find a solution?

Updated on August 7, 2014

Industrialisation was the priority of the government

In past few years, Haryana has developed a lot in terms of economic infrastructure. Industrialisation was the priority of the government and today it is one of the affluent states in India. The Hooda government is proud to transform the state into a 'surplus state'.

But infrastructural development does not guarantee socio-cultural changes. Economic changes are required but these are not the ONLY changes required. What is required in the state is the all round development. To reach the next stage of development, the government needs to formulate new policies. Special attention is required in areas where people are faced with problems. The government has been taking steps in developing IT and industrial sector. What are the other areas that government needs to focus on? What problems need to be addressed? Let's have a look at some of them.

Infrastructural Development


Quality education and Unemployment in Haryana

To provide proper quality of education should be the priority of Haryana government. The good education will help in developing adequate human resource.

Today's youth is competing in the 21st century. A high level of education will help in developing proper skills. It is not as if the government is unaware of the importance of education. There are many high quality institutes in the state. But what is required is the proper quality of education at the primary level both in the urban and the rural areas.

Unemployment is one of the biggest challenges faced by the state. One of the main reasons for increasing unemployment could be the state's inability to get hold of new investment ventures. The incidents of labour violence has hampered the image of Haryana as an industry-friendly state. Such incidents keep the investors at bay.

This has a great impact on the youth as there are not enough job opportunities. Unfortunately the political parties are not paying attention to this problem. To solve the issue of unemployment the government needs to attract business. Only new business can boost employment opportunities for the youth of the state. Know more about Haryana Elections

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Sex Ratio in Haryana

This is one of the issues that government needs to pay attention to. According to 2012 India census, Haryana had the worst sex ratio of 850 females per 1,000 males in the country. The national average ratio was of 943. The main reason for declining sex ratio is female foeticide which is practiced all over the state. The government can organise workshops to change people's thinking about the birth of a girl. Apart from this, to control the declining female
population, it needs to lay stress on the education of the girls.

Gurgaon on Boom


Main Issues of Haryana

  1. Quality education
  2. Unemployment
  3. Sex Ratio
  4. Crime against women
  5. Khap Panchayats
  6. Illiteracy
  7. Corruption

Crime against women and Khap Panchayats

The rate of crime against women in Haryana is very high. In 2011, the registered cases of crime against women were 5,373. It increased to 5,955 in 2012.

These include abduction cases, domestic violence, cases of molestation, dowry deaths and rape cases. It seems that even after the number of recent rape cases, the government refuses to understand the seriousness of the issue. What can the government do?

Most of the injustices in Haryana are legalised by Khaps. Khaps play a major role in spreading caste hatred. Rape cases in the state against Dalit women have been constantly increasing. Instead of talking about the safety of women the Khap Panchayats blame it on the victim only. ‘Government must ban fast food, noodles, as it is increasing ‘libido’ among youths which they cannot control and hence rape'.

Is this acceptable? In some of the villages, the young girls are continuously threatened, ill-treated and killed – all this is done under Khaps. The rights of women are not being considered by them. No party has the courage to speak against them. Khaps in a way are criminals' greatest strength. They cover all their crimes. Is this a way to justify the crime? Why is the government not doing anything to control them?. Know about Haryana Parliamentary Constituencies

Illiteracy and Corruption

Illiteracy among the females is another major area of concern for the state. One cannot rule out the importance of female education. It has a great impact on the welfare of community as a whole. Illiteracy leads to poverty and unemployment. Several efforts need to be made by the government to tackle this issue.

Education makes a person independent and rational. The most developed nation can also be destroyed due to illiteracy. For India to be a developed country, the government needs to eradicate illiteracy by initiating effective programmes. Unfortunately, the leaders of our country are not giving literacy a priority. They fail to look at it as an important area of development.

Corruption is prevailing throughout the state. From the problem of land allocation to a mere government job, corruption penetrates every sector of the society. The problem arises because of the link between corrupt bureaucrats and politicians. The other major problem is of land mafia. Land mafia consists of people who acquire and sell land in illegal ways. It is quite rampant in Haryana. Even the government officials are involved in it.

The AAP has decided to make corruption its major issue in the upcoming state assembly elections. The party leader Yogendra Yadav said that land mafia is involved in large-scale
corruption and the jobs in the state are not being given on the basis of merit.

Haryana is faced with a string of problems. Will the new government be able to find a solution to them? Its time to wait and watch! Know Haryana Assembly Election Result


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