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Problems of European society

Updated on December 13, 2015

Elegance and Barbarism - A defense of Russia

Élégance et Barbarisme - Je defend la Russie

The Solidarity movement was not a noble movement. It was a revolt against a maybe not perfect but elegant regime. In the mean time all kinds of narcism and neonazi sympathies have returned.

Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, is an important figure. Why? He represents a current that wants the return of elegance in the region.

In our solar system there is only a limited number of planets. Just like there is only a limited amount of planets, there is only a limited number of sources of elegance. Russia is one of them.

All kinds of nationalism, whether it's Polish, Czechian or Ukrainian - it's all the same. These movements consist of collections of idiots - mostly peasants - that want nothing else than divide the world in an uncountable amount of small fragments.

Donetsk and Ottignies

The French culture is weak. Take for example Flanders. The Flemish have bullied, in the last decennia, the French culture more and more away from this region - just like all kinds of rioters have bullied the Russians away from Eastern Europe.

Mr. Putin, I respect your country and I've got respect for the fact that you take initiatives. Western Europe, Ukraine and America - we see the same development everywhere.

I support you and send you this song as a sign of friendship.


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