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Updated on August 23, 2015

Professional: Accountability


This article is directed at those of you who have concern!

Over; the child abuse endemic in the UK.


You may remember the political propaganda, of 2013/2014 with regard to holding our countries “child protective services, police & Schools” responsible for their actions or non-actions. In the handling of: child abuse & neglect cases. Such as: Failure to report or failure to act.


You will have no doubt noticed that this topic of conversation has now, in 2015, faded into infinity.


So we continue with the decades old outcome, of the case of a failed child.

No one knew

No one saw

No one to blame

No one’s failure

Lessons to be learned


New law that does not happen

Let’s all go home for tea!

The tip of the iceberg


So who cares - !! ???


There are tens of thousands of small organisations, groups & individuals: All struggling against adversities, trying in some way, to make a difference. Struggling to get government to take sincere action, in an effort to contain & reduce abuse.

They are the thousands of UN-paid people who perceiver against the odds, working all hours, days weeks years. In: an effort to stem the prolific propagation of child abuse.

No Name

They have no nationally recognised Name, Logo, Charter, Grants, Donations, Paid Director, Assistant Director, Area Mangers, Department Managers, Employees. They do not publish huge advertising & Fund raising Campaigns.

Tell Us

Taking in to account that child abuse propagates faster year on year & has done so for hundreds of years.

Taking into account: that we have no treatment centres, specialist units, for the treatment and correction of the full circle perpetrator syndrome.

Taking into: account, ALL income and, ALL services, managed: by the NSPCC.

How many children does this service actually SAVE from abuse, each year?

Not how many contact them, not how many they contact!

What is their capital outlay ALL inclusive per Child SAVED?

It Continues

This figure head organisation, in effect, has a Nil effect on propagation & reduction of child abuse.

And yet it receives and expends millions each year.

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Rebel: Government

Whether it is the NSPCC or any of its subsidiary’s:

Or any other organisation! That starts a Child Abuse Inquiry.

It will inevitably end up in the hands of Social Services:

Rebel: Government – Statisticians:

Say that the Social Services: Failed Child Revue.

Standard Revue Procedure & Standard Revue Outcome Report.

Are the best Flak Absorbing procedures, they have ever created.

Even if it was by accident!


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    • Escape2Freedom-UK profile imageAUTHOR

      John Bruster 

      5 years ago from Westminster London UK

      Social Services are having “Serious Case Reviews” now. Not “Case Reviews” Is a difference: Takes longer to write.


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