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Profiling McVeigh,and other Terrorist/Criminals by Merwin Severtson

Updated on May 9, 2010

Profile or not to Profile.

Grecia, a family friend, recently posted this excellent point on FB...

"It doesn't make sense, allowing "terrorist" visas and US citizenship without racial profiling. Yet, harrassing poor, undocumented, decent, hard-working people who desire legal status and yet have to deal with red tape, high costs, and now this."

I replied...

Grecia, a terrorist might be profile-able and might not. What about Timothy McVeigh or the Unabomber, neither would have fit a visual profile.And when it comes to the poor, undocumented, decent, hard-working people... is to stop them, and check their documentation harassment?

Sorry... there is no way to say what they are about without stopping them and finding out.
Nobody wants to harass the innocent, but what of the innocents that are already here, both legal and illegal who do not deserve the harsher harassment provided by genuine terrorists or other alien criminals that enter the country along with your decent poor?

How many decent poor, have died at the hands of coyotes that smuggle these poor across the border... if they make it. And what of the border communities that suffer raids to their homes simply because they live too close to the line? These folks have taken to forming their own unofficial militias to watch and protect against the armed illegals that come and go with impunity.

None of these issues are easily solved. And I don't see how anyone can say that there are positions that can be taken that is totally fair, but we must be allowed to monitor and moderate things that are clearly getting out of hand.

Then Grecia responded with another excellent reply... (Thank you, Grecia)

"I agree with you Merwin, there is no way of knowing now a days, who is innocent or not, but it is so easy for "terrorists" to get visas, like the guy they just found in New York, who was from Pakistan. I am not saying that all people from over there are terrorists, no way, but you never know anymore. I know that some undocumented people come to the states and cheat the system, hurt, and even kill, but for the rest of them who have worked so hard to reach the "American Dream" I think they deserve a chance."


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    • Roger Crigger profile image

      Roger Crigger 7 years ago from Northern Idaho

      No easy solution to this one, among many many other dilemmas facing our country, but to allow a possible terrorist attack for the sake of "political correctness" or racial profiling is an attack waiting to happen, and left in the hands of, "let's not offend" death and mass killing is eminent... Welcome to Earth... Stricter laws will ultimately become necessary, the question is, how many avoidable deaths will have to take place before we can decide what defines "Necessary"?