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Programmed America vs the Rebel Yell

Updated on July 26, 2016

The Rebel's Program

The program is no longer at your doorstep, it's no longer a dormant data transfer to your psyche. Fellas, you are programed. Whether it's due to an arrested development of social security or a comfort tactic for survival, the reason is irrelevant because of the increasingly complex world we live in today. Programed may be our last natural instinct for thriving or surviving. I'm not speaking to the Rambo's of the world strolling along singing "wherever I may roam". No, this is a shout out to my other fellow man following the path laid out for him. Is it empathy, is it duty, is it a bite from the love bug. Like it or not, your system has been hacked. But hey, why not call it $persuasion instead. I enjoy grilling the hotdogs, playing with my kid, the wife telling me how to behave. The kicker is to have and to hold these finer joys of life, you have to play by the rules of society. It's no longer just be yourself, either you behave a certain way or its off to the gutters for you. Some are not even aware of this at all, as it's become so natural to play a role for the agenda of a customized profile. This is where questions become the answers my friend. Don't be afraid of curiosity and imagination. Allow the search to evolve into an adventure. I'm sure we would all love to buck the system occasionally, but that can be costly to our way of life, so instead why not search for another path, or better yet, create one. Now here's the bare knuckled twist to this hypocrisy, any path is still part of a program.

Kindergarten is the door to a very highly influential program. At 5 yrs old we begin our journey through schooling. This was developed to enhance the rate of education, society's way of eradicating the bliss of ignorance. As the human brain owes its massive development to the discovery of fire and cooking, the program wrapped around you owes its development to the rapid educational features of schooling. One day you awake and you are no longer considered a child, it's time to mark your territory, your a man. Now if you are going to create your path or skip down Broadway singing "wherever I may roam", this would be the time. Otherwise it’s get a job, marry, have some babies, follow the playbook, grow old. Being that you are steered by Testosterone which can be your best friend and worst enemy at the same time, especially if you are still a young gun with the super hormone overflowing from your ears, will facilitate this vulnerable stage of your life to other programs such as that of the female flower power. Which is a program dedicated to and specializing in capturing, hypnosis, and training the male playbook. It's like riding a roller coaster, very fun and very dangerous so ride at your own risk. With that said, be sure you can handle the sudden and sometimes lengthy ups and downs of the estrogen coaster before you swap the sugar at the altar because "forever I do" can last a very long time. But as long as you adapt to the role expected of you, it is worth it and can be very rewarding. If you want the honey, you got to work the hive.

I prefer a set of instructions with my playbook, but that's just me. The key is to choose a playbook and invest in it, start investing in it right away and stick with it. The hard part of this wisdom curve ball was exactly that, learning the hard way, not complacent with my life's boundaries already mapped out for me after school, I decided to buck the system and refused to follow the program. This cost me dearly only to find out in the end, the program's playbook really is the wise devise. Wandering off the path or creating your own, can and probably will be a cold and lonely ride, and if it's all to test or prove your love sack then you've already lost my friend. If you find yourself engulfed in the romanticized fantasy of the hardcore free spirit defying all but yours, get ready for the complex multi layered convulsive struggle for future that comes with it. And your destination unknown is somewhat like following the hind leg of a mule just to see what happens.


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