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Propaganda and Lies racist people create that still have an influence today

Updated on June 29, 2015

Jesus is a white guy

The bible it self said that Jesus' skin color is that of burn bronze and has white wooly hair.

But the common image of Jesus we see today, is a White guy with blond hair blue eyes. This image was in fact created by the Catholic church during the 5th century and impose upon the western world, to be the real image of Jesus.

Some evidence suggest, that the Catholic church could be the father of western racist ideology. According to research done by Sydney University Australia. There are also prove our entire idea of that Christian was been persecuted by the Rome is a lie. During Jesus time, there was in fact order written by the Emperor of Rome that the Christians are not to be persecuted against for their religion believe.

The main problem was that during the era of Rome, private gathering was illegal due to fear of revolt. There was also the problem that Rome believe in sacrificing animals, so the gods would forgive them for their sins. Otherwise, the gods would punish them via sending plague. During those day people take these superstition things literally, so it was affair of state importance. As a result, private gathering or speaking out against animal sacrifice, are seen as threatening the state and can be charge with treason, thus executed. However, some Christian groups choose to conduct Sunday prayer in private gathering and some speak out against animal sacrifice, because they believe, Jesus has died for all sins of men, past and future, so there are no need for animal sacrifice.

This cause some Christians to be executed. The last Emperor of Rome Constancy move to become a Christians is in fact a political move, to use religion to control the state. Soon after converting to become a Christians, he created the Catholic church and stated for all people to convert to the Catholic church, those who refuse are executed. Many scholar point out, more Christian died under Constancy reign, then any other Roman Emperors.

The Catholic church's claim of crusades against the Muslims, is in fact much like modern Taliban claiming their war against US, is a Muslim holy war against Christians, despite in reality it was a war between Taliban and US. The crusades which the church claim to be Christian Holy war against Muslims, is in fact a war between the Catholic church and the Moorse Empire, that rule all of Middle East, North Africa and former East Roman Empire. Despite having a Muslim majority, Christians are not been persecuted against. But when the Crusaders came, a great deal of Christians were been persecuted against, two of the main reasons include they are Orthodox Christians, not Catholic and because their image of Jesus is a person of bronze skin and short wooly white hair. Not the blond hair blue eye white Jesus of the Catholic church.

The west invent everything

These are a few example of none western innovation and influence on the world, the west traditionally take credit for

(1) Modern University system: The modern university system emerged in modern Egypt, during the 13th century. It was then passed to the rest of the world. The first university build at Egypt, continue to provide education till the outbreak of WW2.

(2) Modern Western Medicine: An accurate term to describe modern western medicine should be (middle eastern medicine) because that is where it origin from and later pass to the west. During the Middle Ages, most study in this field, was done in modern Iraq, where they started the studying of microbiology of modern western medicine. They also began the modern hospital ward system.

(3) Modern numerological system: This system first emerged in India, it was later been adopted by the Arabs, then through the Arabs, it was passed to Asia and Europe

(4) Firearm: Fire arm is invented in Asia due to the arm race between China, Mongolia and Manchuria. First record of these weapon emerged in China during the 10th century. These weapons include the first pistol, rockets, cannons, grenades and land mine. The Chinese also thought of attaching a pistol to a short lance, which is the first bayonet. They later also invented the first rifle, inspire by the pistols and cannons. During the 14th century the first rifle was very heavy and the size of RPG, so not practical to be use as bayonet. As a result, during the 14th century the Chinese infantry include riflemen and swords men. The riflemen first open fire upon enemy troops and the swordsmen charge to fight the enemy in close range combat.

(5) Modern watertight compartment system: The western world traditionally credit this system to the person who design the Titanic, separating the ships into multiple compartment. So, if one compartment flood, the others won't be flooded. However, this system was in fact invented in China by the 13th century. It was later introduce to the west, during the 18th century

The west treat women well, the none west treat women ill

Another lie is the idea that the west treat the women well and the none west treat the women ill. This image was intestinally constructed to create a good vs. evil contrast. With the west as symbol of good, while none west is the symbol of evil.

Firstly, it should be important to note, although it is no longer the case today, the west traditionally don't treat women that well. For example, till the 1950s, women are discourage from working. Till the 1970s women get paid less for doing the same job as men, simply because they are women. Of course, this is mostly due to the fact, during the ancient time, the society of the time, was one that function better to have men to do the heavy work that usually involve getting out of the village and women do the work with less heavy lifting, which involve staying in the village. This eventually lead to the western traditional value that men is the head of the house and the wife should stay home and take care of the kids and till the early 1950s, a woman should obey her husband and prior to 20th century, a wife is the property of the husband.

Secondly, on the other hand, the west traditionally went to great extend to demonized how other cultures treat women. For example during the 18th century there was portrait in Britain, claiming to be the image of Aboriginal Australian wedding. The image shows two groups of men, each grabbing one farm of the bride, dragging her to two direction, as if pulling her into two pieces by two cars. However, in reality, in traditional Indigenous Australian society, the gender role is reverse to the west. Women are the head of the house hold and chief of the village and such violence to women would not happen.

It should be also important to note, the idea that all none western society treat women worse then western society, is also, not true. For example, native Hawaii society and native Australian society is one where the gender role between men and women are reverse to the west, so the idea of ill treated women, in comparison to the west, is completely unrealistic.

Also, Mongolia always enjoy gender equality, once again meaning this traditional western view is unrealistic. Despite been in the Middle East, which in modern history seem to be very suppressive to women, Kurdish people, despite been in the Middle East, is a culture group that have always enjoy complete gender equality.

Even in comparison, to other cultures, that where women might be disadvantaged due to gender role, the west do not always have an advantage. For example, in China, (before it was taken by Communist) women was been given the right to vote and to be elected government officials, by 1911. No western country, gave women the right to vote, till after WW2. China also started encouraging women to go into the work force, by early 20th century. The west by mid 20th century, continue to struggle with the idea of women working and the traditional value of women should stay at home to take care of children. By the era between WW1 and WW2 women in Taiwan is already living in an era where both couple work, till they have kids, only then would the mother quit the job to take care of the children. The west didn't reach this status to well pass the 1950s and till the 1970s women get pay less then a man for doing the same job, simply because she is a woman. In Japan, compulsory apply to both boys and girls starting from the 19th century and is the first country in the world to introduce compulsory education. it was by law for every boy and girl to finish up to year nine.

Today, while many people in the west think of modern East Asia society to be one where the husband is like a King and the wife is like a servant, most westerners who lived in Asia say this is a complete unrleastic view. Many western women in east Asia, even complain saying "western men in general are far too sexist and irresponsible in comparison to East Asia men." others say "western men try to prove they are in favor of gender equality so much, that if you go boat rowing on a date, the girl do all the work and the guy sit there doing nothing" and a lot of them say "western boy friend might be much better sweet talker then East Asian men, but in the end, East Asian guys are the one who are more caring to their girl friends."

Many western men expect East Asia women to be the submissive little wife, of their husband. However, most East Asian men and western men that lived in East Asia, would tell you that isn't true. Instead, most of them find East Asia women in general to be spoil princesses. Western women who like to date East Asia men, even use this as a sell line saying "unlike East Asia women, when you date a western girl, we would not call you up twelve o'clock at night and demand for you to buy them noodles and take it to her place and then get angry at you when you say no. When we want noodles twelve o'clock at night, we would go buy it ourselves." (don't believe me, check out this Youtube video, made by a western girl made, studying a master degree at Taiwan) In Taiwan for example, men are getting so fed up with their women acting this way, the marriage rate in Taiwan, is now the lowest in the world and more and more Taiwan men, are choosing to marry to foreign girls. Some, even spend a year abroad, just to find foreign girls.


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    • Happy Moment profile image


      3 years ago from The Eastern Bypass

      I believe that we are all equal. We all have the potential. The difference is that some people are able to unlock their potential while others fail to

    • peachpurple profile image


      3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      i agree that the west treats women equally but the asians treats women like servants


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