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Propranolol - The Fear Blocker

Updated on May 30, 2011

Propranolol: The Fear Blocker

     Propranolol (Inderal) is a drug used normally to treat hypertension.  It also blocks the fear response, a mental state we are kept in because our minds are more "puny" and easy to manipulate.  Scared people are very good at thinking what they are told to.  Propranolol frees our constantly-battered concsciousnesses from the invisible psychological restraints in which it is imprisoned.  Those little fears we have about ourselves being flung everytime our mind gets out of line invisibly hold us down.  Our minds are being hobbled through this E-harassment.  Something that frees you from fear lets these normally-curtailed thoughts keep going. 

     I took twenty milligrams last night and experienced much greater mental freedom just before having the best three hours of sleep ever.  Taking it helps my own thoughts keep going because my ability to feel fear is being electronically-blocked.  A bold mind is a freer mind.  It feels so good to have my artificially-induced fear curtailed as my normally repressed mind gets further and further out into intellectual time-space.  The feeling of liberation from this psychological expansion of the inner-self is much better and clearer than with Benzodiazepine medications.  You will come up with more ideas, because this will give you more MENTAL INERTIA in a normally electronically-hobbled, psychological "box" deemed suitable to societies' needs. 

     Your invisible mental prison is constructed of tiny flashes of pet fears you have.  By thickening your mental hide from the subliminal bombardment which we are invisibly subjected to, you will experience a whole new level of being.  It is more fulfilling than any pleasant body-sensations a more mind-dulling drug would give you.  You find yourself more able to endure their "punishment vibes".  I am being quite heavily bombarded at this moment, but am more indifferent to it.  Hence picking up mentally where I left off is easier.  Pursuing socially-unsanctioned, higher-dimensional thoughts is so much easier.

     This medication is readily-available online and a must for any e-harassment victim.  By being more expressive with our minds, we expand ourselves into "forbidden dimensionality".  We also impair the ability of our stalkers to wear us down,  not to mention heal the damage of having been wore down from years of previous assault. 


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    • Kosmo profile image

      Kelley 6 years ago from California

      So, you've found a useful drug? There are a few of those, aren't there? I've never heard of Propranolol, but if it's anything like benzos, than it has usefulness, perhaps blocking subliminal suggestions or whatever. Better living through chemistry, eh? Later!