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Prostitution Character In Our Society

Updated on May 19, 2019
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Prostitution Character In Our Society

He needed money and I was awakened by the devil inside my body, when I entered him in the room, wearing a barracked, I was constantly looking at his tenth day. Did the new thing come to the Diamond Market?

Her name was jhainy. When he was dancing and thirsty, as if all the spectators became lazy. When I saw her dancing daily, my demon became more thirsty and I decided to meet her. I wanted to get it at all costs.

On that day, she was looking at the other side. In her dance she was not even fluid but I wanted to meet him, talk and talk about matters. At the end of the ritual, when all the passengers went away, I also picked up. She was wondering about anything in her room balcony. When I got a little closer to the door, I heard that she was crying for her and asking for some more money. But Nike was pushing him, and finally in anger, he went out on the next day to come back and forth.

The jhainy needs a lot of money, knowing that the tide of happiness within me was run. The devil's smile spread over the face to fulfill the need of what I could do with him. I grew up, his face was on the other hand and he was wearing Burke. Go and pass when I call him. His face was like tears and snow like white like somebody has taken out all his blood. I was shocked to see this condition and asked him what happened?
Why is she crying like this? Looking at me, she was silent for a few moments and asked me, "Mother died." "What?" When I did not understand her, she kept crying uncomfortably and said, "My mother died today. "By the answer, as my mouth was locked. My devotees, who came to him to fulfill, ran away from me. "So what are you doing here?" I asked him with anger and surprise. "The bulls do not have money to burst me. That's why I came to get rid of.

But Nikka (Head of prostitution's )is not paying money today. It's so funny. You do not know what you're looking for. Those who come, do not hide anything like before. She is saying that you should arrange for the burial of your mother's burial bases. "She said, wearing a borqaa, came out of the room. I also followed him, "I arranged for your mother's burial and burial." She kept watching me with some suspicious moments and then sat quietly with me. Exiting the car taxi I asked the address of his home from Bubble. The area was not new for me, I had been there several times. I turned the car in that direction. She wept quietly the whole way. I did not even have words to comfort him. We arrived at jhainy's house in a while. It was a small room house. In the middle of the courtyards, his mother's body was wrapped in a donkey blanket. The pale light of the jhainy in the courtyard was screaming and squeezing the residents of the house. Bed had two old women sitting. One of the seven goals of a seven-month long-sleeved and sweet kid was playing. Had come to be midnight As soon as the jhainy entered the house, older women, she took her to sleep and expressed disappointment due to late childhood leave. Jhainy took the baby to the room. The child was very unconscious, and then she was hid with her breast, like hungry in the morning. "Is this a jhainy baby?" It was a new discovery that jhainy was married too. After four moments, she came out of the room, looking at me standing and went to the room and picked an old chair. "Mike(Rich Man)! apologies. I do not have anything to sit in my house. "She shouted while keeping the chair. I headed up on the chair. I did not understand where to start. "What's your real name, Bill?" Finally I asked him. She probably did not want to tell her quietly. " He said slowly after I asked again. "I am very sorry about the death of your mother." She was silent. "Your father, brother is someone?" He quietly shouted in "No". "Is this your child?" He then quietly shouted in "Yes". "Where is your husband?" A few moments later, he left. "How did you go to the diamond market, do not you feel like a dance dance?" Now she took up the ideas and said, "Seth ji destined there. . There was no man in the house. There was a sick mother and child's responsibility. There was no other work anywhere, "he said. For some time Nike taught the dance song and then sat on the floor. She gives me two hundred rupees to repay me daily and I have a good food for you, which I bring home to my mother and eat herself. I am coming to the scene, which does not know anyone else in the middle and there is a single set.

Mike(Rich Man), such an unbelievable girls are compelled to dance on their knees, forced by economic conditions. You take this step so compelling what you know about people. A girl does not give her honor, her body in front of everyone, her happiness. Girls who once fall into this swing, then they move away from sleep. And then it sinks forever. "All this was unconscious and unhappy in the horror of the face, As he is getting punished for any unpleasant sins, I kept watching his face for a while. Then, take a few notes from the press, and said in his hand shouting "Taste your mother tomorrow and take some kind of food and a ration for the baby." She was surprised to see so many notes together. "What happened?" I asked him quietly.

"Mike , what do I have to do for those money?" She was asking fearfully. Maybe it was thinking that instead of these notes Seth( rich man) did not know how long her body would be? How long will she have to be a mistress? By listening to her, I hate myself so much that I began to wish that the earth should be buried and I could sleep in it. I realized that I was touching the last limit of humility and purity of my character. I was helping a lonely and unmarried girl in this unusual society, but she was getting it as a deal. Perhaps from where I came up, people coming there would not be expected to help. I replied in an awesome voice, "You will not have to do anything. And you will no longer go scrap on. Will stay in your house Every month you will get a mini order. You just have to do this to train the child that is in your lap so that it can be a big boost to you one day. This amount is a debt to you, and when your son becomes young, becomes a capable person, then you should return to me. I was always surprised to see me disturbed. The person whom she had danced in front of now was talking to him. Then she stopped crying. I was not kept there.

I found the house of jhainy and remembered what he had promised and left there. That's all the way I think. "I do not want anything from you. I do not want anything from you. Afternoon. You have given me, I will not take away his favor all the time. You woke up the humanity buried in me that I was under pressure under wealth and demonic lust. You have made me human again. Afternoon. "After this incident, I repented from all these evil things and brought in the burden of sins. Every day he confesses his sins in front of him, he apologizes for forgiveness. I regularly kept crying "Money" every month. Many times do I come to meet this Messiah, because of which I was saved from all these sins and mischief. But every time an embarrassment occurred, I was sometimes thirsty for my devotion. And then the days passed, day changed into the months and the months changed to the years. But I did not forget jhainy. She too has grown old like me. And his son will also be young. The address will not be worth it. Will your mother be supportive or not? My kids were young. Life was moving continuously. On an evening holiday when I was at my home, the employee came and told me that a woman and a young boy have come to meet you. "Who are you?" "Do not know, sir, for the first time," he said. "The employer responded in a text message. "Well, I'm coming out in the drawing room." Who can think of this, while thinking that I moved to the drawing room. A lady was standing in a white sheet with a print face for an old diary in a hidden hand. And along with a big handmade young lady dressed in nice clothes.

The boy knew that he was the new DSP Jawad Khan of our area."I am jhainy, I am Afternoon and this is my son." As she named jhainy, she turned past of her past. And then I did not get late for recognizing that it was horrible. "Do you know me?" I shouted head in "Yes" and pointed out to sit down. Then again speaking to my son speaking. "David son is the same as my messiah, due to the fact that your mother has fallen in a swing of dirt and it is the one who reads you to bring you here." "I know them, Ami Jan(mother) The most people happen. But I did not know that their role in bringing me to this place is the most important. "" seth( Mike), as you became a Christian in our lives and unmarried people. We will never forget his favor. "David was very embarrassing at the sight of a great deal. "You do not embarrass me by saying that." I looked at jhainy and said. Today, uncontrollable calling out her sister came out of my mouth. I was amazed myself, but it was true.Everyone woke up from the sofa and the old diary was shouting to me, saying, "Seth (Mike) has all the accounts in it." Take my mom up to your last mini-order. I counted a single pie. You used money as a trust. Made his son a capable person. You told me twenty years ago that it is a loan and when it comes to becoming a worthy man when your son becomes a capable person. "After some silence, the person said again," Seth (Mike) is the time now. I can not take away the burden of your blessings but the money that you had given to me, my son will surely bring it. And you are requesting that you do not refuse. "I was looking at jhainy with great gratitude. After all he did it. Of course, keeping the viewer, keeping on promise is a great sign of human being with a good role.

Hearing all this, I increased his honor and respect in my heart. "I have told you sister, sister in law. And how can I withdraw this money from you? Do not embarrass me. "My words kept hidden in the words of not having money. But she was confused. I had to lose in front of him and all the money I used to send him in a miniature order. She had to fill back. Then both of them went to me from the address of my new home and prompted me to come. "Am I going to join you with someone going on with me? "In the evening I told my wife. "Why will not I go?" But who is it? And what relation do I want to meet? "Begum shouted questions. "I like a boy for Sara Daughter. You can meet if you like it, then talk to Ruby again. "I briefly told him the reason. The next day I and My wife was in the house of Saima. Am liked David too. We again talked about David and Sara's relationship to jhainy.

What could have happened to jhainy well? She was not eating from the flowers. And so my daughter's relationship was fixed by David of jhainy. The relationship that started with dirty relationships like a prostitute and anxiety, ended with the end of a very decent relationship. It is true that every human being gives the opportunity to get power. Sometimes she teaches such a lesson from dirt pile, sometimes two rupees gather together and bring straight path and man feels proud to spend the whole life according to him. Sometimes she was a prostitute and I was tempted. But today she is my sister's sister and her son's husband's husband. And
I am proud of these two relationships.

© 2018 Faiq Ahmad


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