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Protest and Violence

Updated on December 25, 2012
Protest -Demonstartion
Protest -Demonstartion | Source

Protest and Violence

Human beings have innate qualities of mind to act and behave in specific circumstances. Human history is full of such events and incidents where people react and demonstrate violence without going into the details and depth of reality. Standing for a just cause and pursuing it through peaceful means can not be categorized into the category of protest and violence. People naturally struggle for their basic rights, political determination,agitation against govt decisions together with the demands for fulfillment of necessities of life. In the same manner, people start agitation when they are deprived of their rights, feel victims of society and face hardships to meet everyday needs. Protest against social injustices and irregularities is quite common and effective in some cases to bring the desired results and finish peacefully; but mostly protest is turned into violence deliberately to fulfill hidden agendas not known to general public.

During protests, various tactics are used by different groups to fulfill their secret agendas, by provoking masses against targets that are of significant importance and could not be targeted during peace time. People who are affiliated with different Sects and groups are likely to demonstrate violence in the most organized way with considerable volume of violence and destruction. In fact, in most cases these incidents are well planned and engineered completed in the cover of mass protest. Such people possess extreme ideologies against ethnic communities, minorities, immigrants and their designs solely based over propagation of gender, race, nationality and religion.

Along with this, criminals and notorious people also find their way in lines of protest to burn, loot and plunder. From minor crimes of robbing to major incidents of destroying significant financial and Govt installations have been reported during violent protests. Naturally for criminals, it provides a full cover to carry out their tasks easily, which is other wise difficult in presence of security forces.

Violence based upon intolerance and prejudice is most ferocious and exists as along as the reason persists. This type of violence is deeply rooted, perennial and has the potential to vibrate different segments of society in a chain and even impossible to control at certain points. In such cases of violence, one minor incident can ignite the hostility between conflicting groups which overwhelms the majority. Brutal violence could be seen in such cases which spread like forest fire.

Some cases of violence erupt because of social injustices and sense of deprivation in the masses against the authoritative rule/dictatorship. The most splendid example is the “Arab Spring” where masses reacted vehemently against the decades old rule by ousting the most powerful rulers of their time from power corridors.

Short-lived violence is displayed against price hikes, power shutdown, un-employment and Govt policies which has bad impact over general public in most developing countries. This sort of agitation goes from peaceful demonstration to protest and ultimately end on full scale violence, depending upon various factors including mood of authorities and protesters.

Protests and activism based on a cause/ideology had led to mass movement and revolution in past and present. It has changed geography of the world, demarcation of countries and overthrowing totalitarian regimes. Dealing protest with iron hands can sometime lead to successive unrest in the country which prevails into all segment of society and can paralyze the administration of a country. In this scenario, the up to date level of violence shall be gauge before taking any bold steps.

It is significant to remember/see the everlasting outcome of such incidents on economy of a country, its image, relation with the international community, life standard and beyond all a blow to peaceful existence. It should be kept in mind that in violence the case is human vs human which ruin the belief of man being noble among creatures.


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